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  1. Sorry, another quick question. Should I cancel the PPI? Thanks.
  2. DX, Thanks for the very positive response I will start. Do I need to SAR them as I have all the loan paperwork? I have the standard form to fill out, what should I put as reason for mis-selling? Is simple not knowing I had it reason enough and how would I prove this if it came to it? Thanks again. Jamcol
  3. Hello Everyone, I have a Tesco Loan taken out in september 2007 with an internet application. I have all the paperwork but I have no idea if it was a pre ticked box etc. Is it worth looking into this further or will it be to hard to prove if they were in the wrong. Any advise or direction to where I can look for advise on this forum would be great. Thanks Jamcol
  4. I have now decided to look at either an IVA or DMA, I have been servicing my loans and CC for nearly a year but due to recent changes I can no longer afford them all. I have read a lot of information about these two options and I am finding it hard to decide which would be best. An IVA will give me one montly payment, will be on my credit file for 6 years from the start and will allow me to be clear of debt after 5/6 years. A DMA seems very similar but less formal. I have debts of around £60,000.00 and any advise would be appreciated. Also, is an IVA more damaging in the longer term?
  5. Regardless of the need for an agreement to issue a default, as they had not provided me with anything under my CCA request and the account was in dispute they were not entitled to issue the default as they could not enforce the account. And as they were not in entitled to issue the default they were not in a position to refer it to a collection agency. Is this not the case? Regards Jamcol
  6. I issued all the letters regarding a CCA request including the letter follow no response after 14 days advising that the account is in dispute. Attached are the defualt notice and the letter from the collection agency Collection let.pdf Default Notice.pdf
  7. I am hoping someone can help me with this as I have gone through the posts and can't seem to find the answer. I requested a copy of my agreement on a loan from barclays back in Feb 2009. This has been going backward and forward since then and I stopped paying in June 2009. I received a Default Notice on the 20 August 2010, I responded saying that I was awaiting copies of my agreement and the default was invalid. I received a letter from Barclays partially upholding my complaint and including a copy of my agreement. This was sent on the 11th September 2010 and received on the 18th Se
  8. Slick, Sorry I have another question. Does the N1 form only apply when claiming under the Data Protection Act or can it be used when requests under the consumer credit act have not been complyed with? Regards Jammy
  9. Slick, Just to check I am doing the right thing. I am going for court action under the Data Protection Act Non-compliance as they have sent through an illegable copy of the agreement. I will be claiming all the interest and chrages they have put on my account since 40 days after my request plus damages (time spent, additional correspondence etc) of around £200. Is this all correct? I will also write to them explaining what I am doing and give them 7 days to respond. Regards Jammy
  10. Slick, I have not heard back form Barclays so I am going to prepare the documents. I assume I am complaining under the Data Protection Act? Regards Jammy
  11. Thanks again Slick, I think i am with you regarding getting the loan written off. However, I am unable to assess what I think I might be owed as the statements they sent through have been altered and in the PPI section it says N/A rather then the amount I paid. I have a few old statements with this on but not many. Regards Jammy
  12. Slick, I mentioned the posibility of a PPI claim in my letter last June but said that I was unable to make a full assessment of my claim until I had the relevent documents. Are you saying I should accept and move on. They have clearly not complied with the requirements to provide a document as what they sent was illegable, it was not even a copy of the T+C's. It seems a waste of nearly 18 months to get the PPI repaid only give it back in intrest charges but I don't want to end up in the situation where I have no PPI payment and still owe interest. Thanks for the advise, I w
  13. Its been awhile but I have finally got some movement on the loan. Barclays have written to me and advised that they will refund my PPI (but not accepting liability) and transferred the funds into my current account. This took me slightly by surprise as I have yet to dispute the PPI on this loan. My last letter back in June '09 detailed a number of issues including the changes to my statements and the fact that agreement that they sent me was illegiable. They replied refering that they have met their obligations under the consumer credit act and the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notic
  14. As predicted by Slick no response from my letters. I am know preparing the N244 application. What address to I put down for the 9. Who should be served with the application? Shoul dit be the address I have been using on the letters? Also I assume I do not have to send anything to Barclaycard or should I send them a letter advising the that as they have not responded I have no choice but to submit the application. Regards Jammy
  15. I have found this letter on a similar thread and was wondering if it the best for an initial approach. I have the SAR information and completed the spreadsheet. It adds up to about £1200 based on the premiums plus contractual interest rate. I purchased the above policy from you in 2002 in connection with the credit card account referenced above. I believe that I was mis-sold this policy for the reason given below, and wish you to investigate my complaint according to your normal complaint procedures. I was not told that the insurance was optional. The policy exclusions were not exp
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