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  1. Thanks for the info Fox, I will get started.
  2. Hello, can I get some advice please. I have 1 loan and 1 credit card both with the same bank, I have asked they send me a copy of the agreement and the agent said they would on the telephone but I have not recieved it for weeks ( i do understand I can not count this as I did not send a letter) but i am quite confident they will not be able to produce the agreement. How should I attempt to get my loan and card Unenforceable? I have had a big fall out with them over the way the whole loan was managed and i want out. I have opened another bank account also as adviced.
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply, Is a parachute account a 2nd bank account elsewhere? I have already applied for a natwest account (my credit rating isnt perfect so I hope it goes ok) If i get this account my plan is to pay my wages into Natwest. If I get my natwest account I will then start the CCA route but I was not sure where to start with it. Can I get compensation for this do you think?
  4. I have had enought of Lloyds and there collections team. I took out a loan, got into probs and it got handed over to collections, I kept up the payments but a couple of times collections made an error, cleared out my current account... took everything. They after a complaint gave it back but it took 7 days. My loan is not with collections now, has notbeen for many moneys, and today guess what, collections again took ALL my money! they are shut now and I am angry. My card declined at the garage but lucky for me I had some cash on me. This is not exceptable, and I wondered, is thi
  5. I think I will give it a try, on my credit file it gives information of some batch admin place that the CCJ is held at Northampton Ccb? Maybe they take payments, ill give them a call when they are open. Does anyone have experiance with timescales from payment to recieving the cert? Cheers
  6. Yes, the CCJ was filed about 5 years ago So I am not able to just pay the court? I need to pay the debtor (DVLA) then get them to send me something that I then send to the court?
  7. Hello, I am wanting to join the forces and I have a CCJ, it is quite small and am fine to pay it... (I have no choice to be fair!) as I need a certificate of satisfaction and quite quick. One question, who should I pay? the court? the person who filed the debt originaly? Cheers
  8. Sorry to go slightly off topic "ish" if you win an Unenforceable agreement and get the loan canx.... does this have any effect on your credit in any way? I am worried about trying it becasue it is with my bank and I have to wonder if they will deal with me after? Thanks
  9. yup good link, Ill post this if you dont mind also relating to the subject How to Remove a Default from your credit file
  10. Yup it isnt resold BT products its there own, what i meant was they use a BT line. I could steer clear from Talk Talk in my experience, you get what you pay for in the end of the day
  11. I am no expert on the area but I just read the forum about the CISAS as I have not heard of it before.. I found this? 1 Introduction (a) CISAS (the scheme) is provided by us, IDRS Ltd, for member companies which provide communication services, and their customers. A full list of member companies is available at CISAS: Communications & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme. (b) The scheme can be used by: individuals; and :eek:companies with no more than 10 employees;
  12. Hello, i work for a broadband provider, apart from the ones you have mentioned.. Bt or a company which re-sells on a BT line like talk talk (boo), and dongles/mobile broadband the only other option is via a special disc like from Fast.co.uk | The UK's highest rated ISP for Support & Customer Service | Home but... its expensive! I am not sure of how much exactly but it says on the site "grants can be applied for to help with the setup" which.. is quite scary! But as your question was asking another way... there we go Honestly get it thought a BT line though, it is a p
  13. I had a default removed, It was for £18! another for £100 The £18 one, I stopped a mobile phone account when I moved and I didn't Know another bill was coming, I disputed the bill that got passed to a DC agency, they said Pay £20 of the £38 debt and we can call it quits, I said ok but the DC rep forgot to wright off the other £18! The other one was was a credit card, I moved quite a bit around this time of my life and had no idea either about this (admin not being my strong point then either!) but was able to argue it on the basis that I didn't receive a default notice. Took a littl
  14. Ok i just called the court Northampton CCBC Customer service place and they said.. The CCJ was for car tax back in 2005 where the DVLA fine me, them came the CCJ. Now.. they said it is my responsibility to update DVLA if I move (fair enought point) I will also have to fill in an online form and pay £75 for the pleasure! So, with the information they gave me, and the fact I didnt update DVLA, is there any way I can get this removed? or set aside to give me the chance to pay it like I would if I knew about the intended CCJ beforehand? or.. should I just bite the bullet and wait ti
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