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  1. Thank you:) Shall I send letter 13 or 20? becuase they did write and advise we would have to apply to MBNA for the CCA. This was a Credit card taken out with Abbey, underwritten by MBNA (which we did not know ) and then AIC are acting as agents to collect the debt. So confusing:confused: I feel like a pest x
  2. Hello and thank you for the reply. Do you think I should send the dispute letter though? sorry for all the questions but really nervous about them:)
  3. I am new to this site so please forgive me if I am speaking out of turn but why did you give them your card details? I hope someone more experienced will see this but if were you I would cancel that card quickly as I do not trust them one bit
  4. Hi, my Husband received a text from AIC advising action was being taken on the account if he didn't ring them.......which he didn't of course! A CCA request was received and signed for by AIC on the 13th August. Is it time to send the next letter now?
  5. Thanks....I forgive the shouting, it must get frustrating.
  6. Ok, thank you! I think I am thinking too much:) They spoke to my husband tonight and threatened to take our house off us. He told them to put it in writing and cut them off. They are so nasty!!I can't believe they are allowed to get away with it!
  7. Hi, I have just been reading the original CCA request that I sent them and notice that I have put " provisions of s.77 will apply " it should have been s.78(6). Will this invaldate my request at all? I can't believe I have made such a stupid mistake
  8. Thank you for your help. We are just really nervous about this Company. The other Creditors are being very helpful at the moment....long may it last!
  9. Hi, Sorry to ask this again but do I need to send the postal order back to them or just wait for the 12 days before sending the next letter?
  10. Yes, I do have proof of posting plus their letter advising they are unable to provide it as they are acting on behalf of MBNA. Sorry for all the questions but what about the postal order?
  11. Forgot to add! they are only acting as agents on behalf of MBNA. Does thatmake a difference at all?
  12. Thank you. It did have that paragraph in it. Shall I resend it them with postal order? or is there a letter I should send them. p.s thank you for your help.
  13. Hi, I have just received my postal order back today with a letter to advise I need to send the request to MBNA. Is this correct? should they have passed this on to MBNA thamselves?
  14. Thank you Cerberusalert, I will wait for the CCA.
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