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  1. As the Default sums have been refunded, surely the Default Notice has no relevance and should be removed, as applying said sums, caused the notice to be issued in the first instance!!!! I think they are trying to bully you into submission so an order is not made agains't them. It will be interesting to see if they bother to contact you today. Debris
  2. Firstly..... the Council is talking utter tosh !! Every single case where you make an offer of payment to them, they are required to accept ALL offers of payment from you, and are required to take the account back from the Bailiffs as per the Council Tax Collection and Enforcement Regulations, and the Local Government Finance Act. How much do you owe still ?? Not including Bailiff's fee's. And what fee's have the Bailiff's added ?? Inform the Bailiff's that you are being bullied and threatened by this bailiff(The MD Is Mr Steve Roberts) and that you are talking directly with the
  3. As stated in my previous post, do not speak to them (I take it is Ross & Roberts) on the phone. Communicate in writing. Go down to the rates Office and ask for the Manager. They can take the account back from the Bailiff!!!! I have done this for a few friends of mine. Put your offer (If you can) in writing as well. Pressure the Council to reassess your bill(s). Their is no way on earth a Bailiff could make you 'Bankrupt in the morning!!' They are bullying you. As for the 'Charging Cert', look up Baliff's Identification on the Internet. Debris 55
  4. Bailiffs. pfffff I hope you asked to see his ID (His charging Certificate is a good one to ask for, as they usually never carry it. If he cannot produce it you can call the police and get him from under your feet!!) Never sign anything and never meet them or speak to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not allow them in your house. They are low life. Get down to your Council Rates Office asap and demand to see the manager of the Domestic Rates Office. He has the power to 'bring' your account back to the Council. Also you have the right to have your bill assessed as a single person. D
  5. Sounds good to me. By the way, have asked for details of the 'Guarantee Account' Will keep you posted. Debris 55
  6. Just a little bit of advice, hope you don't mind. Make sure you send copies of your requests to the RBOS for the CCA and SAR to AIC and make sure you request that you will only communicate in writing, they can be persistent and often try the bullying tactic. Keep up the pressure on RBOS as well by sending them a copy of your reply to AIC. Debris55
  7. Hi Sparkie, Have you heard of a 'Guarantee Account' at Telford? Debris55
  8. Have been following your epic battle with the RBS as I am acting as a 'McKenzie friend' for a friend of mine agains't them. Keep going it is inspirational.
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