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  1. Hello folks,


    It's been a while since I've hung out around here :)


    Update on my Cap1 dispute is that I've not heard from them for going on 3 years now. I believe that this debt will be wiped from my credit file, so to speak in about 3 more years.


    I was after any advice on offering to settle this, and whether I should. (FYI its a good 5 figure sum). I hope to be able to be in a position to get a mortgage next year so its whether I wait until nearer that time, and then settle, or whether I'm better settling asap, if that is advisable.


    Any advice on suggested settlement figures is appreciated. I presume if I was to contact Cap1 that doesn't cause me no problem? as I said the calls have stopped for a good 3 years now!



  2. ok, letter received at the weekend from the lovely BC basically asking me to complete an 'official Financial Statement form', and they they "cannot consider my circumstances unless this properly completed form is returned to us within SEVEN days."


    I have read previously that this is option but what is peoples advice as the best way to deal with this?


    Thanks in advance.

  3. If of note I should have also added that I have two credit cards with egg - of £3.7k and £3.8k. Both services have been withdrawn but I am making the minimum monthly payment - not sure that is relevant with any response in trying to settle this.


    Thanks again.

  4. ok...... apologies in advance for being a bit sketchy, I'm away with work but need to respond to BC by the 26th, so feedback welcome on the little info I can provide.


    I took out a loan for £15k in about 2002. I then subsequently topped this up 2-3 years later to £25k, consolidating all of my debts at the time. About a year ago I became unable to pay the monthly £400, my view at the time was better to pay 2-3 other debts than just one. Subsequently the account went into arrears and then into default. The debt was oringally passed to Frederickson's - who I didn't take sersiously.


    I've not responded to BC at all yet. Given that I now only have a couple of days left to do so then want to say something, even if a delaying tactic.


    My earnings are still very low. I certainly couldn't afford £400 a month, if I need to start making repayments - to stop a CCJ. I am also a company director so this really wouldn't help me!


    Many thanks in advance for your helpful words.

  5. Hello all,


    I fell behind on my egg loan some months ago. It went to default and then to two debt collection agencies (or perhaps one but with different names!).


    I've not received a couple of letters, allegedly from a solicitors. Question one is if I should take this seriously? http://i557.photobucket.com/albums/ss15/njohns78/EggloanSolicitorsLetter0002.jpg


    I have received documentation from egg but have just been poor scanning/uploading and checking. The loan would be from about 2008.


    My thought is to put a holding letting into the solitictor saying that I'm investing the legality of the CCA and correspondence is being put together for egg?


    That sound sensible? any other advice welcome.


    Many thanks



  6. A long, long overdue update on this is that I've fallen about 5 months behind on payments, because I'm struggling financially.

    Yesterday, when I was out with the family, a debt collector called at my house and left a letter instructing I call Egg, I had been avoiding their calls for a while now.

    What has wound me up most is that he knocked on a neighbours door asking if I lived here - I know that as she told me "someone knocked on my looking for me".


    Is this really allowed??


    Advice appreciated.



  7. After sending the advised letter to FTC, advising that the account was in dispute, I've now had a response.


    This can be seen at: http://i557.photobucket.com/albums/ss15/njohns78/CAP1/FTCletter11thJune.jpg


    Basically though it simply says:


    "thank you for your recent communication.


    Please be advised that we have contacted our client on your behalf who confirm that all requests have been fully complied with and therefore this account is not in dispute.


    The balance is correct."


    Next step please??


    Thanks as always.

  8. If someone could provide me with assistance as to my next step, which letter to write etc it would be greatly appreciated, I'm beginning to get a little desperate and nervous now!!


    Many thanks

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