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  1. Scotcall do go after SB debts we have received a letter and 2 calls for someone that does not live here. Also our number is ex directory so how are they getting it.
  2. This is unbelievable how could they stoop so low. If bought they would probably want the fee up front so that would stop most from appealing. Lets not pretend what they are.
  3. How true this is. Many on benefits do pay their bills on time and do not have anywhere near the goods that people seem to think that they have.
  4. Yes it does but if landlords do not make a return then they will sell the property so that reduces the volume of rentals available.
  5. This is so right the government has the responsibility to ensure that people have adequate housing not the landlord. So many landlords are now having to evict tenants as they cannot get much rent at all. I heard one that he was getting £2 a month with a £600 mortgage to pay and the local authority thought that the amount he got was fine - benefit cap to blame here. A lot of people do not realize that landlords do have costs to pay out and if there is no rent who pays. Insurance, gas safety and electrical checks all have to be paid for out of the rent that is obtain.
  6. Well the compliance officer called but as there is no door bell he just put a card through the letter box stated that he called. Son phone him up and stated that he was in but as he failed to KNOCK he did not know that he had called. Told him to knock next time or phone him on the mobile when he arrives. Appointment made for Thursday now. Sorry but you could not make it up if you tried - unable to knock on the door,.
  7. He is only claiming JSA income support for himself at £71.71 per week and no other benefits at all and not in a relationship. So why a compliance visit but he told that he had heard of other white single men being singled out like this.
  8. My son who is single has had a letter from DWP to make a compliance visit to him at the address where he is currently living. Not claiming any other benefit so why should they do that. Any ideas anyone please.
  9. I would have thought that applying for a job that required a fork lift license that you do not have is a complete waste of time on everyone part. As for a health and safety cert to work in a kitchen this can be obtained with very little trouble.
  10. This was a call on the landline which I have had now for over 5 years. Never rang on the mobile number which I have had now for over three years and no contract only pay as you go. The landline was a new number and not from the previous occupier. Oh had another silent call this afternoon and the answer phone was on but no message. Odd!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The trouble is that the number is under my name but the person they asked for was not me. Do not have any debts and a 99% credit score as well.
  12. Do debt collectors withhold their telephone number and also how on earth do they find your number when it is ex directory.
  13. We that they have no pets and they were a married couple. I had asked the question in case we should be more concerned about bailiffs or debt collectors snopping around.
  14. midnight flit is more likely as neither elderly or ill as we saw them loading their car at the weekend.
  15. Not sure if posting this in the right place but this it was happened: Our neighbour appears to have disappeared no sight of them and the house looks empty as well including not putting out their bin this week. Also found out other things about them this week but not repeat them here. Now we share a drive with them so often if our car is not in the garage then it would be along side their rear garden. Now should we be worried about this situation or not.
  16. Perhaps as the car is worth a lot more than the fine and going on 5 week holiday and my dare say that it does sound like a cruise - would it be better to pay the fine and prevent problems whilst you are away.
  17. Sorry but is this to wind us up. Do not believe the job centre would expect people to apply for a job that required driving when you do not have a license. Also the distance is completely wrong for travel.
  18. I would ask to see a signature for this loan as soon as possible.
  19. Not a problem at the moment but did hear some nasty things going but it was all a wind up from a certain person. Just pushing his luck but not for long now.
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