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  1. My car was stolen around a week ago. I am going through the claim, but I think I have found my car being advertised for sale. I have informed the police. My car is very distinguishable so I am 100% it is mine. The car is looking as immaculate as when it left. My main reason for this thread is, if the car is returned to me undamaged (which is what I am hoping for), where does my insurance claim stand? Will there still be some sort of payout from them? - In my opinion I will be getting back a car that will be registered as stolen recovered - which will be worth alot less than a car t
  2. Please help - I purchased a car a few months ago using Duncton to finance it. I have seen many posts here giving bad experiences, but mine isn't at that point .. yet! I have a dilemma, I dealt with Duncton via another company creditplus. They dealt with all the paperwork. Everything went through fine and after a couple of months of taking delivery of my car, I received a letter from creditplus, saying they never received original documents (they never asked until now). They sent a copy of the credit agreement I had scanned and emailed back to them.
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