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  1. Wow, great advice here. Taking control of your finances is empowering. good luck everyone.
  2. I'm a customer of Wonga and I regularly receive their surveys. There seems nothing devious about this email and I used it to give feedback about their service, which you could do too. Thinking that they are sending spyware and viruses to get your bank details is WAY over the top. This sounds like some futuristic sci-fi film! Sillygirl - If Wonga sold your debt to Gothia Ltd then why would they continue to chase you for the money? Maybe Gothia is behind these dodgy tactics...?
  3. Hi Crispybacon, This sounds like something that can be reviewed by a manager at Wonga without having to jump to "where you stand legally". Try speaking to the manager on Monday and see if you have some success there. Often times the people on the phones have to stick to the rule book where a manager has the ability to be a bit more flexible. Let us know if you have some success with this route.
  4. This sounds like QuickQuid: "If you get a loan with them, say four or five loans with them, you'll go from a silver member, I think after the first 2 loans: that gives you 10% off. "Then another four loans, then you get gold status. Then you'll get 15% off your next loan, so you're actually paying less interest back." A typical marketing scheme applied to payday loans.
  5. It may sound crazy, but some lenders actually want to keep you in debt. I mean, it's not like you are going to take a loan again with Tooth Fairy Finance after this experience. So perhaps once they have your money and ruined the relationship, they may as well keep your money, right? Ultimately, it seems clear that Tooth Fairy Finance doesn't really want to make it easy for people to repay.
  6. Out of sheer curiosity I attempted the SMS loan on Tooth Fairy site and I never had a response. So it seems they either harass you and take all your money or don't bother to respond at all.
  7. jackiestandley - I'm curious...when you applied for your Wonga loan, did you list yourself as "On Benefits" and the actual income that recieve from your benefit cheque?
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