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  1. Thank you. dx100uk I did not realize all my messages were kept. But thing change. the law changes from time to time. Would not the company Mortgage claims have obtained a sars if so i must have it know as they have returned all their & my original paperwork to me. I am not sure i can do this on my own. I have the attention span of a goldfish. to my way of thinking if i could at the very least get back the ERC of £24,439 i dont mind paying a company their commission because to me anything is better than nothing. If there was someone on here who could he
  2. Back in 2005/6 Ocean Finance arranged a large*mortgage*of 399,000 pounds for me.* In late 2007 I was lucky to sell my house & payback Capstone/SPML. Just before they repossess it.* I still have all the paperwork. Am I right in thinking I can reclaim all the charges payed to Capstone SPML.* which amounted to a lot including court costs etc. Also are Capstone/SPML known to have included*PPI*in with my monthly payments, & if so, can i also reclaim that. I also paid about 24,439.75p pounds early repayment fees,* can I reclaim that back baring in mind they broke our contract 1
  3. Hi this is such a big site covering so many different topics. Where do i post a new thread asking for advice about reclaiming charges & early repayment charges, procuration fee's etc from SPML/ACENDEN
  4. Thank you ericsbrother It says. date of contravention 10/12/2014 & date of this notice 02/01/2015 plus it took at least another 3 days for us to receive it in the post. Does this mean it is timed out.
  5. Thank you Armadillo71 yes it is Britannia parking.
  6. Sorry Renegadeimp. it was not my intention to offend you.
  7. I have received a parking charge notice which I am sure you all know is not a fine, just an invoice that they would like me to pay. From a well known bunch of legal muggers. The so called offence was staying approximately 10 minuets longer than the 2 hours i paid £1 to park for. In a private car park whilst Christmas shopping. Spending over £500 in shops owned by the same company who owns the car park. The car park muggers have sent me a photo of my car entering & leaving said car park unfortunately for them they have got the date/times wrong. I know i can prove beyond all reasonable
  8. Hi I know i have not been on this site for a while, I have been abroad. I have read some where i can reclaim all my unfair charges back from SPML. Have I left it to late baring in mind the dates I have enclosed below. & most inportantly is it possible to claim back the £24,439.75 early repayment charge. MY UNFAIR MORTGAGE CHARGES DATE AMOUNT WHAT 2/6/06 £25 unpaid d/d 4/7/06 £25 unpaid d/d 31/7/06 £50 arrear
  9. Thank you MIKE770 Shoud I write to Lowell portfolio or Shop direct or both.
  10. Hello again, I have had a reply from Lowell portfolio, stating they have been in touch with Shop Direct, who have checked their records & confirmed that they have no record of any claims of fraud being raised with them previously. Lowell portfolio also say in their letter. "There were also regular payments made towards the account via Maestro/Solo card throughout 2008". The letter also says "due to the information provided shop direct will not be treating the account as fraudulent & you would remain liable for the full balance". QUESTION. should I write to to either shop direct
  11. Hi please help; I have been a member of check my file for about 6 months, & my credit rating was pretty good up until a week ago. From about 5 years ago, until last week sometime, my mortgage my loan & my 4 credit cards were all up to date & marked OK. At the end of 2007 I moved abroad for 3 years, but kept my house here in the UK, leaving it empty, but returning a couple of times each year, to visit my grown up children & grandchildren. The problem is one of my children opened up 3 mail order catalogues accounts at their address (not mine) while I was abroad, using my
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