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  1. Thanks guys... will try as you've suggested but judging from what "buzby" just said, am begining doubt if they're gona pay up. The post lady advised since i wanted to save cost, I should split the items into 3 packages and sent them individually. I did that and look what's just happened.
  2. IThanks. I used the normal/standard airmail and i believe the maximum compensation was £41 for a package. So you mean i can go to the shops and ask for written quotations and that would be accepted by royal mail as proof of value?
  3. Oh, they explicitly asked for proof of items value and it could be receipts or bank statements/card statement. Thanks.
  4. Sorry I don't get you... what do you mean by getting them evidence via an online store? Do i send them links to various online stores for the prices of the items purchsed? I quoted them the prices and product descriptions on the compensation form and they said they now need proof of purchases. So what do you suggest? That was the biggest mistake on my part.. i trusted them to deliver the items hence went for the cheaper option without the insurance.
  5. Thanks vino.... the items were purchased with cash and have lost the receipts what can be done? And oh, i purchased the items from various shops ( 2 or 3 shops).
  6. Hello, I sent an international package using the standard postage option via royal mail some months back. The item didn't arrive at its destination and have proof of postage with me. The value of the items in total was about £320. I made a claim/compensation claim against them and they requested i provide evidence of value of the items purchased but I have simply lost 'em receipts since it was months ago i purchased those items. Now, they are just saying they're going to pay only the postage paid, which was about £24 only. Now, this means I'm going to lose out on the value o
  7. Thnx guys, @ thewakers7, am not quite sure which section he was served under but will try to find out and post it here. Do you think its plausible the landlord will allow him early release from the contract? Yea, the deposit is secured cos he moved into the property somewhere mid - 2007 i believe.
  8. Hello, I visited my cousin this week and he told me an eviction notice has been served for her to vacate the property by 30 August (thats when his contract expires). The rent is £900/month and he's got his deposit with the landlord as well. Currently, he owes the landlord about £200 (well, for the past 7 months) hence the eviction notice. He's lost his job so he even wants out of the property preferably before that 30th August notice (expiry of his contract). Oh, they've even erected a "TO LET" signboard on the property though he stil lives there and the contract hasn't yet e
  9. Thnx Erika, The pyt was made three weeks ago and I believe her account was closed cos she had overdrawn her a/c. Three weeks and CB office has still not received the money back. Could the bank offset the money in arrears from the benefit paid though the a/c was closed? I guess i would have to ask her to contact the bank. thnx again.
  10. Hello, My aunty's children benefits have been paid into her closed account. But she has now furnished them with her new Bank account details and the CB office advised her to contact the bank and let them refund the one already paid. The account is lready closed. Will the bank refund it automatically to the CB office or she would have to go to the Bank's branch to sort it. Could the CB office also ask the bank to refund it? Any help appreciated.
  11. Thanks folks. She has written a complaint letter to them and she's expecting feedback from them soon. She gonna call them as well. Cheers again.
  12. Thanks Blaze36, She applied for both child benefits and child tax credit. She sent the birth cert to the benefits office but not the child tax credit's office since they(HRMC) didn't request for it. But after waiting for 6 months, she rang the child tax credit office and they were like oh its been cancelled coz you didn't present a birth certificate. thnx for the info. she has re-applied though
  13. Apparently no. She said she read through it and she didn't see any bit of info asking her to supply such info.
  14. Hello Caggers, One of my aunties applied for child tax credit last year around October. They sent her the forms and never requested for any other docs (birth certs), so she just filled the forms and sent it back to them. Howeve. waiting for more than 6 months without hearing anything from them, she phoned them last week to inquire about the status of the application. She was told that since she didn't attach any docs (Birth cert), they had cancelled it and she would need to re-apply. My question is how is it gonna work out? Is she gonna be paid from the last year she applied
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