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  1. Hi there, I recently had a demand for repayment of an overpayment of £1400 ish from back in 2005/6 when they made a total balls up of our tax credits. I had kept notes of every call I made and every person I talked to as I knew at the time that I wasn't entitled to as much money as they were paying me. However, at the time I was told "not to spend it all at once" as they would simply stop our payments until it had balanced itself out. They never stopped our payments, only reduced them to what they should have been all along! I filed a dispute with them, containing all the dates, name
  2. Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I had a letter threatening court action if we don't repay £1400 which was overpaid to us in 2004/5 (bearing in mind we told them the correct information and THEY were the ones who got it all wrong). We disputed it twice over the last few years but they turned us down each time, continuing to pay us a measly £39 a month, even when my husband was made redundant! We haven't heard any more from them for a year or so until now. Obviously their offices are closed for new year but I wonder if any of you could offer advice on how we should pay approach paying it bac
  3. Hi everyone, Maybe should have started a new thread for this..... Been on a payment plan since June with my creditors and been sticking to it so should not have any complaints from any of them. However, I've been getting calls from MBNA the last couple of days(sounds like an Indian call centre) at work and on my mobile telling me I have to pay the arrears now...... what the hell is this all about? I have a payment plan cos its all I can afford and I sure as hell wouldn't break the pp as I'm just beginning to get back on my feet. Are they just being difficult? Should I ha
  4. Thanks for your quick reply Andy. That's great news - we'll get on the case today. I've notice there are a couple of different letters which could be sent. What is the most up to date and relevant? Are you able to post a link? Thanks again!
  5. Have just returned from a week away to find a letter from MBNA threatening to take my husband to court if he doesn't pay the full balance of his card by 24th July (around £5K). Had we received this letter last week it would have given us around 2 weeks to start the CCA process..... Anyway, the situation is, my hubby was made redundant back in Feb and has only had brief temporary posts since - hence he is unable to pay the full minimum payments to his cards. MBNA at one point gave him the chance to pay just 1.5K and write off the rest. By the time the offer deadline came round how
  6. Hi Surfer01 - thanks for your post. It seems that so many of us are in the same position and through no fault of our own. You just feel like life is getting better when you suffer yet another set back (or number of them in our cases!). On a different subject, we were overpaid WTC a few years back - we told them at the time but they continued to pay and we then assumed that because we were still getting them, we were entitled. But no, that's not the case - and 3 years later were received a demand for £1200 - there is NO WAY we can even think about paying that back. I have all the
  7. Well, low and behold, following calls from Aegis and MBNA this week about my account, I received a leter this morning stating that they WILL accept my monthly payment offer and have frozen the interest and charges!! Yeeha! However, in the same post came a letter from Global Vantedge (who act for Aegis) chasing me for the arrears on the account! I don't think the left hand knows what the right hand is doing!! I'll be ignoring that one. Still, it's a weight off my shoulders in the meantime - and I'll still be CCA'ing them.
  8. Thanks dx - that's wot hacked me off with MBNA, telling me wot I should and shouldn't be including - it's MY money! Learnt my lesson now and will just pay wot I can and CCA then.
  9. Thanks dx, I wondered that too. My hubby never managed to set up a payment plan with them either and after a few months of harrassment he received a letter from them offering a settlement deal totally out of the blue - which he managed to negotiate down even further. That could be the reason they did that for him too. I will wait and see what happens. Cheers. g
  10. Thanks dx - I'll defo dodge the phone calls now!! Do I need to write to them again to reiterate the situation and confirm that I will only be paying what I offered as stated previously? gx
  11. Hi Folks! Well I've now had interest and charges stopped and reduced payment accepted by Abbey - no questions asked. It was so stress free. Citibank did ask for two payments of double what I've offered before they would review the possibility of a plan - I've paid one and the next is due 28th of this month - thereafter, they will be getting the offer amount and no more, whether they freeze interest or not. (When I say double, it was such a small amount in the first place it wasn't difficult to double it) My big problem is MBNA. Oh my god. After sending them my I&E/offer they sent
  12. Hi! My husband just paid what he could to MBNA every month - no-where near the minimum payment. He didn't even have a formal plan in place with them so we are both at a loss as to why they made this offer. However, we can't complain - it is a load of our minds, although we had to borrow the cash from a close friend to clear it (low interest free payments back to friend!). I have a feeling it might have been because of CCA but we never acted on that in the first place - perhaps they thought we might? However, MBNA are now being really awkward with me. I made offer payments to each of
  13. I put down £300 for us as a couple with one child. £250 is what most of the guides say for a couple with no kids. x
  14. Dear RoadtoRecovery, I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are in exactly the same situation as you - he turned 40 at the start of the year then lost his job and things have been a nightmare since. We've never had to worry like this before and have now just had to take the bull by the horns and deal with it face on, the stress feals unbearable at times but we still have each other and a roof over our heads. CAG has been my lifeline and helped me through so far and I'll keep asking for advice as and when I need it. I also liaise closely with PayPlan - they are just at
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