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  1. i have just received today a letter from HFO. Not the original application as they say they have contacted monument to get a copy of this and that they will sent it to me once they get it from them! they have enclosed copy statements for some reasons. But not all of my statements but 6 months statements from january to june 2006!!! which were the last 6 months my card was active. anyone understands what's going on?? i haven't received all my statements but from what i see every month i was late they charged me £20 for a failed DD, £20 for an overlimit fee and £20 for a late payment fee. T
  2. would you send this? this is what i have for a bank. do you still call it a banking history or just account history with your company and replace bank/branch with virgin media/telewest? or if you have at hand what you sent them that would be really helpful. Thanks Data Protection Act 1998 Subject Access Request Dear Sir/Madam ACCOUNT NUMBER: xxxxxxxxx Please supply me with a complete list of transactions and charges relating to my banking history with your organisation. Alternatively, a complete set of statements for that period will be acceptabl
  3. Hi, After loads of problems with creditors i found this site a few months ago and am in the process of contacting them to claim back my charges etc.. i know late compared to so many people here! and i found threads on virgin media and successes in getting the charges back. I have been with virgin media and before telewest since 2001 and because of my work and that i get paid at random times I have been charges most months a late payment charge and non dd fee. which i have all paid because i didn't know otherwise. I don't have all my statements for all this time. Only have the ones for
  4. thanks, do i send that to hfo (who has bought the debt) or monument?
  5. Hi. i have a debt management plan with payplan. I would like to get my credit card charges back and question the ppi i have on most of my cards, as well as 2 loans. Do i send a CCA request and SAR to all my creditors? Will that risk in any way the agreement i have through payplan? Thanks
  6. ok well 12 days +2 has passed since i sent the CCA request and i haven't received anything. Do I just wait or do i contact them again? Also I need to find out all the bank charges that were applied on this card as well as the details of ppi and if/when this was charged on my account. What letter do I need to send to get all those details in one go? The SAR with £10 postal order? Will that cover the charges and the ppi? Thanks
  7. what does it mean if they can't provide the CCA?
  8. they have breached quite a few of those guidelines on the phone today. Shame couldn't get anything in writing!
  9. c) is interesting... HFO told me today that monument had passed on my debt originally to 2 agencies them and someone else (can't remember what they said) and that now because i had made those payments in 2007 to HFO only Monument had now sold the debt to them.
  10. ok. will do this. guess i can find the legal details i need to put for this on threads here. Thanks.
  11. also they have said that if i make an agreement with them they will take £800 of the debt in 3 months time and freeze interest. None of this they are willing to put in a letter. They have said that they will refuse to write to me as they are the one doing me a favor, and not the other way around. Will send the CCA and telephone harassment letter tomorrow. Thanks.
  12. ok will send those 2 letters tomorrow. is the fact that i payed them some money in 2007 a problem for the CCA request letter?
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