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  1. its busy in here. Hello ssl, hope you are well.


    Hello Giz.



    (Im crap at this aren't I?)

  2. where's the puppy gone?

  3. please dont spam our site.


    your post has been deleted.



  4. webby is cool



    (what am I saying? Am I some snotty nosed 15 year old again?)

  5. I'm off to bed with Janet

  6. ok, I wont tell her if you dont!

  7. whats a new user note?

  8. ok

    how do I add you?

  9. what does the cross after your name mean freaky?

    are you cross?

  10. this is like a chatroom type thingy

  11. indeed.

    me too.


    ok... when? lex coming?

  12. pasty time any time soon?

  13. it appears not

  14. its working OK now.


    this is a new thingy. does it count towards the PM count?

  15. hello bud.


    Im having trouble with posting... I hope this message makes it :)

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