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  1. Yes, as per my previous post, I am waiting for them to arrive in the post.
  2. I'm waiting for copies to come in the post. I applied last week. I tried either Experian or Equifax (can't remember which) online last week and as part of the registration they wanted me to send them some paperwork. I gave up and went the £2 postal route.
  3. The debt does not show on Noodle at all.
  4. I've had a letter from Mackezie Hall today saying they will commence pre-litigation doorstep visits to recover a debt. Less than 2 weeks ago I sent then the "doorstep" letter yet they seem to be ignoring it. Do I simply reply re-iterating the same again, perhaps adding in that I will submit a complaint to OFT for harassment if they do visit? I have just registered with Noodle and the debt they are chasing isn't showing. Do I take it that this means that it defaulted over 6 years ago? How can I find out if it is statute barred?
  5. Has anyone had experience of getting calls from Equidebt, with them calling (apparently) from a mobile number? I've had 3 in the past week, not that I've answered any as I didn't recognise the numbers. I say numbers as it's been different each time, although they all start 0787 559 XXXX. I called them back earlier putting 141 infront of the number and got "the number is unavailable" for two. The other said I had called Equidebt and if I wanted to speak to someone to hold the line. Yeah, right! I just thought using a "mobile" number was a bit cheeky.
  6. I sent a CCA request to them in March regarding an IF account. At the end of April I received a thick envelope from IF with loads of statements in it, but there was not a copy of any agreement. I send a subsequent letter to RWC to this affect stating that as they, nor the original creditor, had sent a copy of the agreement the account went into default on 30th March 2009. Today I've received another letter from RWC, copy attached, stating they they may produce a document representing the terms and conditions of any loan and not the original or a copy of the signed loan agreement. Inc
  7. An update to this, I received a letter from the DCA last week along with a single page of a credit agreement, both attached. I fall into the (a) and © brackets in their letter, in that it is my signature and I was residing at the address at the time. Questions I have are, (i) do I confirm this and request a full copy of the agreement, (ii) should I request the full copy before confirming anything and (iii) is what I have valid? I never got round to sending the letter to state they were overdue sending the CCA. Does the fact it took 6 weeks have any bearing even though they have
  8. Is was 1st Credit for me and I've sent CCA requests to two others who have contacted me since.
  9. To update where this is, I've not received the CCA and note the letter to send in other threads. That's an action for the weekend. Anyway the DCA has sent another letter today saying that they will be passing this to their solicitor if I do not contact them etc. etc. I call them to say that I had not received the CCA and the woman started reading out the date the agreement was taken out etc. I stop her and said I didn't ask for that, I wanted a copy of the CCA. She asked why and repeated that I'd already accepted liability, just as the guy did in the OP. She went on to say that orig
  10. I've had an agreement in place with a DCA to pay a nominal amount of £1 per month towards a debt of £830 (total debts +£60k over 11 creditors) but have been out of work since October and stopped paying in December. I sent a revised budget sheet along with a letter saying I was unemployed I subsequently received a couple of letters from them mentioning arrears before they passed it to their solicitor. I then requested a copy of the Credit Agreement from the solicitor. They replied on 20th February stating that they had only been instructed to write to me and had passed the request back to
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