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  1. Many thanks Citizen B and Andy, No sign of an application to court yet, but will give them a bell on Monday to check status. Then make sure I'm as bullet proof as possible for the hearing. Once again many thanks
  2. Hi, Just received notification of the sale of a debt related to an overdraft which has been subject to a case brought by Yorkshire Bank, they got the CCJ, so I appealed on the basis of no default being issued/disclosed to me. My final appeal hearing is due very soon, and do not know if the rights are assigned automatically enabling the assignees to proceed in the case, or whether the case will be automatically set aside. Any help will be much appreciated Many Thanks
  3. I would play this straight down the line, use the resolution centre, inform the seller of this and ask them to cease and desist direct contact. Then go to item in my Ebay, click down on the list, then go to resolve problem, elect for item broken / not as described. At this point a case is raised. He will be able to respond, however this will not change the outcome as long as there is no part of the auction describing damage you have identified related to the item. You will be given the option to receive full /part refund or other solution from memory. Opt for full refund, this will includ
  4. Hi Eugene, Here they are - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9601432/Yorkshire%20Bank%20T%2BCs.pdf Please get back to me if I can be of any further help. Best Regards
  5. Hi Eugene, Yes I have the T+Cs that I sent Caro will dig them out now Best Regards
  6. Hi Caro, Yes the fight goes on, tying them up on inconsistencies in their POCs and substantiating docs at the moment. Being 'live' I'll elaborate privately tomorrow. Best Regards
  7. Will scan them in the morning and get them over to you. Many thanks for your help
  8. Hi Caro, Not sure what to do, do I start a new thread ? Best Regards
  9. Thanks Caro, On a slightly different note, I managed to get hold of some 2002 T+Cs from Yorkshire, on the hoof in court. Bankfodder referred to Yorkshire Bank documents referencing 'penalty' charges and costs related to administration directly, as opposed to cross subsidy, do you have access to any of these doc's ? Please let me know if you want the T+C's for reference, I can zip them over. Best Regards
  10. Hi, Going through the mill with Yorkshire Bank at the moment, could do with some backup paper showing any details referring to penalties/ price of administration or similar. Any help will be really appreciated Best Regards
  11. On fairness, I may be behind the times, or missed something along the line, but where does the section below sit in terms of the creditor being put on proof of fairness Section 140B (9) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 ("the Act"). (9) If, in any such proceedings, the debtor or a surety alleges that the relationship between the creditor and the debtor is unfair to the debtor, it is for the creditor to prove to the contrary.” Might be a silly question, but I just don't know, any feedback appreciated
  12. Hi, Does anyone have any of Yorkshire Bank's terms and conditions related to their current accounts from around 2000 - 2005. Yorkshire Bank seem very cagy on their disclosure. Many Thanks
  13. Would be really interested in Yorkshire Bank help, have lodged counterclaim on the basis of hardship in response to them calling in an overdraft.
  14. What direct action do you suggest ?
  15. Hi, Can anyone assist me with this one ? Many Thanks in advance of your help. Best Regards
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