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  1. right sent letter as provided by 42man, just gotta wait now. keep you posted.
  2. after i send the letter as posted by 42man, what is my next course of action, am i just waiting for them to send a possible signned document, or is this loan now un en-forcable??? obviously i am a bit green on all this. i have read many cases on this site but none as yet for a joint loan. DO you think it should be easier for me to get my name removed off said debt as they will still have someone to chase or does it not work like that??????
  3. thanks 42man for all your help reguarding this matter i shall get on with the letter you have gratefully provided, did you mange to read the letter which finance co sent which i tried to post????????? if not they are asking for signitures from me and my ex as i did not sign the sar request, as for my ex i cannot get hers? and mine, should i sign??????
  4. Time was up today for blair oliver and scott for cca request, So do i write back to say loan is uneforcable, need your guys help what do i do next???
  5. just recently been having a bit of financial difficulty, for various reasons. and as a result have been past my overdraft limit 2-3 times Overdraft £100 Went over by £300(£400d) for 8 days and got charged just short of £200 To me that is daylight robbery, went in to see someone at branch Explained that it did not help with fraudulant activity happening with my account(approx £180 in 1 month) plus my job, self employed builder income up and down at the mo due to current climate(weather and general) he refused to help point blank, should i write to the bank???? Should i go the whole
  6. right i think you should be able to read them now:???: Should i just ring them to authorise?, will i still need to send off signed letter?? i doubt that i could get signiture from my ex. baring in mind i have also sent cca request to blair oliver and scott, which there deadline is 18th feb. obviously i do not want my signiture lifting so what do i do? many thanks all for taking time to read
  7. that did not work then, anyone tell me how so you can see them !!!!
  8. just recieved letter back from finance company asking for signitures for authorisation, will scan letters in later
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