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  1. Hello everyone. I just wanted to give everyone the outcome. Furthering to what occured in the past (As explained in previous messages on this thread), LF have recently written to me confirming that the alleged debt is in-fact statute barred, no further action will be taken and LF have confirmed the account is now closed. Thanks guys and girls for all your help
  2. Hello everyone. Link Financial after all these months have eventually got back to me in regards to the Credit Agreement request. They have sent me an extremely poor copy of a credit agreement relating to a debt which appears to be mine, from the year 1999. The copy is only of one side of the agreement. The copy is so poor that it would be no point scanning it to show you. I can make out my name/contact details, amount the loan was for, signature. I can just about make out the "Loan and payment protection" details. The "Customer Declaration" is written so poorly I doubt I could read it even und
  3. Hello everyone. Excellent thread. A lot of posters have given excellent suggestions. Now lets get down to business. To make this idea workable I suggest the following: * Lets firstly appoint an expert on here to overlook everything. For example, lets say we have appointed "Mr A". * Now, each time any of us gets a letter from a DCA which we feel is completely unreasonable, we pass on the letter to Mr A for evaluation. * Mr A then evaluates the letter and responds to the letter demanding payment, explaining the reasons for the demand, and the consequences if payment is not ma
  4. I am not 100% certain if I have had a loan from Abbey however I am 100% certain that I have not taken out any loans nor paid towards any loans for at-least 7 years.
  5. Hello everyone. Furthering to my previous messages I would like to give an update. Firstly, just to recap, a couple of months ago I received an "Investigation of assets" letter from Link Financial asking me to make payment towards an "alleged" debt. As advised by some of the helpful experts on here I sent off the CCA request letter. I received a reply which stated that they will contact the bank to gain the required info and will get back to me within 30 days. The £1 fee which I sent Link Financial was illegitimately used by them to reduce the outstanding balance of the "Alleged" debt even tho
  6. To best of my knowledge to remove a link which is not associated with yourself, you can take the following action: 1) Order your credit report from Experian (You can do this online via Experian's website or you can download a form from Experian's website and post it to the specified address enclosing a £2 fee after which Experian will send you your report by post) 2) On your credit report under "linked addresses" it should state the name of the organisation who is responsible for creating the link. 3) Send a letter to the named organisation asking them the reason to why they created
  7. Well said Pinky. I'll just wait to see what they come up with in their next letter.
  8. Hello Laura. Firstly, the letters you are receiving from Link Financial will not affect your mortgage application in any way so don't worry. As for the Harassment, there is a letter you can send them which should put a stop to them sending you any more worthless letters. I am sure a poster with a lot more knowledge on this matter will advise you accordingly. Keep in mind it is Valentines day, some posters will be romancing, so there may be a slight delay before you get a response.
  9. Thanks Cerberusalert. I sent them Letter N from the templates on this forum, adding that I acknowledge no debt to their company. I'm just frustrated they have added the £1 stautury fee to my alleged account, I just want the £1 statuary fee to be either used for it's intended purpose or refunded, so that I know where I stand. One reason for this is that I am going on holiday soon for several weeks I just don't want Link to be abusing the situation in my absence. I guess I will just wait to see what they come up with. Thanks again Cerberusalert.
  10. Hello everyone. Today I received a letter from Link Financial (In-case your wondering no it wasn't a Valentines card haha). The letter from Link was in response to a CCA request I made a couple of weeks ago. Firstly I would like to say that after reading various posts I was aware of the dirty tricks some Debt Collection Agencies play where they use the £1 statuary fee to reduce the alleged debt then a few months down the line they claim you have already made a payment towards the debt hence you acknowledged the debt. So for this reason, as advised by the experts here, I made it crystal clear t
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