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  1. I have no idea how old it is, I would of thought I applied online though.
  2. The debt is to a catalogue, and is for £231.47
  3. Hi, I have just received this http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v434/newmoon_uk/debts/HamptonsLegal1.jpg ( password- debts1) letter from the above I am very worried, can anyone help at all? Many Thanks.
  4. Thank you for the replies, the added charges were added by Simply Be, not Reliable, so am still thinking they would complain at me paying the £30 origianlly owed, and obviously once i offered this payment, i have admitted its my debt ..if that makes sense ! Hmm, still unsure of where to go with this one, whilst paying the original debt would be great to get rid of it, they would most likely press for all the 'admin charges' and it would drag on forever?
  5. Hi, I had an account with simply be, for a very short while before experiencing major financial difficulties, the account was only £34.78 in total, since last September (08) they have added charges onto it and it now stands at £193. I sent a CCA request in May, but forgot so when they hassled me again i sent another, they sent me the letter attached,( which isnt signed by me, it is blank, with the name and address having been added by someone?!) is there anything i can do? Or have i got to give in to them, please help ! Many Thanks, xx
  6. Hi, That link, just takes me to the forums..unless i'm being stupid..which is probable lol
  7. Hi, Just had a reply to this: Further to your request for a copy statement/ agreement for your account. Our client confirms that all relevent information has previously been sent to you.and the balance outstanding as stated above is correct. The account is now long overdue for payment and we look forward to receiving payment in full,or your proposals,by return. So, what now?! Ignore?
  8. Thank You for you replies, very useful, i will let you know the response !
  9. Hi, I requested a CCA about a debt to Ex Redcats Catalogue. I sent a £1 postal order, and today have received a letter stating : "As with most home shopping accounts,you will not have signed a credit agreement.You are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of the credit, which were relayed in the catalogue itself,when you placed the first order. By requesting goods in exchange for money, you are liable for payment of those goods. If your denying responsibility for the credit,we would ask what steps you have taken to return the goods if you did not intend paying for th
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