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  1. Can anyone help? letter went to my old address (at my sisters) she never opened it but has forwaded it on to me, I have had letters previously from lowell at belshill, she said this one is from leeds, has anyone recieved any leeter with an ls postcode on from the lowlifes and if so can you tell me what it is so before I get it. Am now in sunny meditteranean see if they can find me here lol.
  2. Hi I was just asking what are the like for actually carrying out there threat?
  3. Hi Have just had a snotty letter from lowels saying if I dont get intouch with them they will get an agent in the area to call round. Can they do it? Fortunately it is at a family address , but her partner is getting snotty about it. My mail has gone there because I had a stalker and few people know where I am. We are moving abroad in the next few weeks. Can they still go to her address and what are the like for actually sending them?
  4. Thanks again, have noticed on my credit report they have both registered a default, for two differing amounts and the date isnt the same as the lenders can they do that. Who actually owns the debt as I havent recieved notification of it being sold to anyone but am assuming lowlife bought it.
  5. Thanks silver fox, so the letter you attached is that a SARS or is it for a CCA. Still very confused by all the terminology. We are moving abroad soon , should I still give them my address which will be in italy. its making me ill with worry.
  6. Hi I admit i went into default with this loan about 3 and a half years ago. I heard nothing from barclay card and now I have recieved a letter from these happy type people in leeds scotland wherever they are based. the letter was forwarded to an address i was staying at while i had relationship problem and has came to me. The letter includes a ref number, original creditor, outstanding balance, and old address. It statess the have been instructed by lowell portfolio 1 ltd to gain a solution to debt. I have never recieved notification from BC to say debt was sold to lowell. The amount is
  7. Hi Can any help , what is barclaycard like for producing CCA s? Am in a pmiczkleu wmijth Lowell and barclay card.o If i havent made a payment for oveur three years does it mean I only have three years to be okay?
  8. How do you know you have guests? hi nosey guests
  9. No am not.o was victimi.of stalker so I am not
  10. the credit file is from my old address. So they dont have a contact address.
  11. Hi hope someone can advise me. I did a credit check and noticed that lowell must have bought a debt from barclaycard. The dates and amounts are close but not exact. i lost my job and ended up in a mess i managed to pay most creditors .off. I have no income as i live with my partner ,looking after the kids and he said i have to sort this out. the house is his and he gives me money for food, he pays all other bills and stuff for kids. the loan was before we were together. I defaulted on the paymients over three years ago. They both give different dates of commencement. the amount is £8400. I h
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