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  1. Thank you Plodderton, will get the wife to ask the council that straight away, and ask them to hold off the bailiffs.What concerns me is that the debt is apparently for 2002 and 2005, and there is no evidence of being chased for it by the council prior to suddeny getting the letter from the bailiff!
  2. Hi all, thank you for the replies so far. OK today we have received two further letters from the bailiff, one for each of two debts. I have asked my wife to phone the council and tell them to ask the bailiff to hold off as the matter is in dispute. It is for a couple of years. Year 1 - we believe that the amount owing is the amount my wife held back as she should have got single person allowance, they have admitted she should but have not deducted it. We will ask for proof that they deducted it, if not then account settled in full Year 2 - It is possible, likely even, that my wife ow
  3. Hi.I will post more information when I can get it (am at work, info at home) but I wanted to start seeking advice.My wife lived in her own flat up until 2005. She was constantly being chased by Hounslow for outstanding c/tax, yet they never accepted that she was a single person occupancy. This is where it gets messy. We remember a court order and me driving to the court with a cheque on her behalf (her account but she could not get there herself). So she is asking her bank for old statements so she can track this one down and confirm what has been paid. This was 2005/06 sometime. It is hazy as
  4. Hi all. Hope you can help, advise.I have been issued a PCN.My car is parked in the same area nearly every day and always paid for the full time that the driver leaves it there, they are working for my company hence the car is registered in my name. In the last 3 months of parking there a ticket has never been stuck to the windscreen, nor has there been any trace of a ticket (no marks etc), yet I have received a PCN from the council.Stupidly I have phoned them and they tell me that they can see a ticket was displayed by the driver that day but it is upside down according to them!I am going to
  5. Thank you for that reply. Guess I just need to see whether it is valid....what am I looking for?
  6. OK so am a little confused. My initial understanding was that I could try to prove credit card debts and loans were unenforceable. Are you now saying that it is only the charges that can be refunded or is it the whole amount, interest or whatever. Does interest count as a charge? etc. is there a sticky or a thread that details this in full?
  7. Cheers Fox. That was the letter I thought it was. Any idea on the loans?
  8. Hi. 2 questions.: 1 - I have 2 cards. First is Bank of Scotland with £7000 owing, the other is MBNA MasterCard with £3200 owing. Both are paid by Direct Debit by me. The BoS card recently refunded me for my PPI charges. The MBNA agreed last December to stop charging me PPI but I havent yet asked for a refund. I have read some of the threads here and elsewhere about getting the agreement written off as unenforceable. So the obvious question......how?? Am I correct in assuming that step 1 is to send the letter that starts: "This letter is a formal request pursuan
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