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  1. Perfect thanks, i'll get on to that tomorrow night. One question, I went to respond today and it said: Do I tick this?! What does it mean? Thanks again!
  2. Hi guys, This morning I received a County Courty Claim Form with the Claimant being "Capquest Investments Limited" The address to send payments "Drydensfairfax Solicitors" and in the particulars it says it's from a credit agreement held by the defendant "Capital One Bank". It also says a default notice was service and has not been complied with. I have checked my credit report and there is no account with Capital One, there's no defaults and nothing relating to this account. Furthermore I have not made any payments to Capital One or anyone that may have purchased said debt. Am I
  3. I had a colourful credit history, but now I only have one default on my credit report. I've received a few letters from Capquest threatening an attachment to earnings for a debt from Capital One, but the debt is not on my credit report? Is it enforcable? Thanks
  4. Had a call from Veronika again today. They have heard from Welcome Finance and apparently because the car was repossessed, the Termination fee doesn't apply. Firstly, my partner, although she doesn't have anything on paper, is sure that she rang to have the car collected as they couldn't keep up payments at the time. Now, A few things come in to my mind, should they have a repossession order if the car was repossessed? Is it their place to prove that it was repossessed rather than returned? Does the Termination fee not apply for repossessions also? Cheers for any advice!
  5. No, I don't know what to say to them? They keep seeming to want more proof.
  6. Should I contact FD for my SAR info also? How do I go about making a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office? Cheers
  7. Anyone any ideas what my next move should be with the SAR? Thanks in advanced.
  8. Got a few responses. Firstly from Lowell: So i'll sit and wait for a letter from Lowell. Next up, HSBC responded to my SAR with the following, bear in mind I send a copy of a recent phone bill with my name and address on and a copy of my passport (signature with x's through it). As I say, I provided them a photocopy of the passport and a phone bill with my address on and what's more they are replying to me at the address I live at. Where do I stand with this? I don't want to just give them a signature so it could be lifted. Would it be worth making up a completely new
  9. Brilliant cheers, shall I send this then: Only they didnt' mention the CSA in their letter to me, so how could I modify it? Cheers
  10. Cheers have had a quick read through it. Should I send an account in dispute letter then? Am I right in thinking that they still have to provide the paperwork whether they think they have to or not? Cheers!
  11. Cheers for the info both, I had the idea they were talking out of their arses but I am no expert! What does that all mean? lol Cheers!
  12. Many thanks! Also could you give me an idea of what to say to the following, it's a letter received from AK again about my partners account we also CCA'd: *Random close figure. Should we just hit them with an AID letter too? Or just ignore them? Cheers
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