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  1. a couple of months ago i got some payday loans, i have to cancel my debit card because they kept trying to take money with out my say so, and now i have been told by my work that a financial company keeps phoning for me, i never gave them my work phone number because i we are only allowed to use this in a emergencies. i have been told this company keep phoning once or twice a day for the last week. i work nights so they will never get hold of me and my mobile number changed as i was getting unwanted calls from other loans companies that i hadn't applied for. i don't know who it is, what do yo
  2. no it was equidebt/weighmans that was on the ccj. thanks for the advise.
  3. today my husband received a ccj through to pay the total amount out. he hasn't had any correspondence from the court before. how do we go about dealing with it as we can not pay the full amount in one go. It says on the paper work that he hasn't responded to the claim form. when he hasn't received one in the first place. not sure where to start with this.
  4. i had a payday loan through quickquid and they kept harrassing by email and phone. i can't remember off the top of my head who they sold it too though.
  5. i have heard from tesco personal finance (bryan carter= rbs loan) with a copy of the consumer credit agreement i signed in 2005. the letter was dated yesterday, which means they are out of the 12 +2 days to reply. i thought that the letter from bryan carter was too positive. any advice about what to do.
  6. is that the same letter if i haven't heard from them. or do i just remove this bit:Thank you for your letter of xx/xx/xx, the contents of which have been noted.
  7. thanx i did try looking for it but was getting confused
  8. on tuesday the deadline will be up to for replies from some of the creditors i sent the cca requests to. What is the next step from here. i had a reply from Bryan carter solicitors(RBS debt) saying that the have been instructed to take no further action against me and have closed the file. (which i have took as a positive). from Robinson way (EX-HFC bank) this response: i have been to trying to contact you by phone. it may be in your best interests to ring me. ( i don't think so) and have not complied with what i asked. moorcroft (cahoot) sent this: I refer to your recent c
  9. i kept any letters that come through. and if i write any letter i keep copies of it before i send it.
  10. thanx for replying i will give this ago, will have to wait a couple days before i send them. need some ink in the printer lol. at least then i will feel as if i am going forward.
  11. me and my husband have between us have made a mess of things. we have been with debt management agencies in the past but i would rather deal with it myself, because i find that after a while i don't know where we are with debts. either they get missed off when they were plainly added. some debt management agencies refuse to take debt under a certain amount. our debt ranges from about £40 to nearly £7000. there must be about between 15 and 20 debt in total. at the moment i am only paying the debts which are under a court order. i think that is about 3/4 of them. i am including a list of debts,:
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