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  1. I sold my house with a restriction last year. Informed them. Never heard anything from them. buyers sols was a little nervous but still went through.
  2. son wishes to appeal pip payment. Is there a form to use? series3
  3. The solicitors representing mbna in my case produced a 70 page document from ukmail showing it was first class. I found the same document stated that it is not guarenteed. The judge decided to side with them. I would forget about the DN. I even had the envelope and it wasn't a ukmail one....they said "it would have been...it's who they use" Bummer, but that's how it goes. series3
  4. not too sure how it works but if your made bankrupt, would they not take your assets anyway? I would have thought the equity would help pay your creditors. I may be totally wrong of course, I would expect you to lose your house anyway.
  5. got a letter today telling me they didn.t get my payment. Any luck with the letters yet?
  6. the DWP sometimes pay a large amount in one payment. this is because they backdate you claim and when sorted make a payment. Also when you pay your mortgage for a few more months you can ask for the order to be taken off. Why bother complaining?
  7. cheers, now cancelled Will work out how many payments from my paperwork. thanks series3
  8. I am still paying SW although my mortgage is with someone else now. I was told we had to have it for the mortgage, I'll check my paperwork. only £24 a month(only borrowed £40,000) but I am already covered for death by my pension. My wife doesn't work (disabled) so was not a contributor although named on mortgage. Self employed (me) what letters did you use?
  9. try not to get worried, been through this myself, not as scary as you expect. Your offer is more than enough. The judge decides how much off the arrears you pay, not them. Try to keep everything by letter, all your offers and their reply's, you can then show to court. Looks like they're trying to squeeze you for more. Work out how much you need to pay extra over the life of the mortgage. make the offer, pay it. that's all they will get in court.
  10. went to court , lost... will update later series3
  11. my main one would be harrison. I should be ok with that, they certainly cannot prove post from UK Mail I can't see much in the cases they sent to do my defence any real harm.. thanks for looking series3
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