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  1. GRRRR, anyone know why my replies do not inlcude paragrapsh when I have typed in paragraphs? thanks
  2. Just like grey hair, some people get this sooner than others - and its the same inside our bodies too. As I said, genetics play a big part. The bony growths (osteophytes) cannot be simply removed, because they grow back! It is a case of making the hole through which the nerves and other structures pass (foramen) either larger or more stable (or sometimes both). Can be achieved by surgery (but a possible side effect is that scar tissue can form in the space created and press on the nerve so your symptoms return), and in some cases by good rehabilitation and conservative therapy (i.e stru
  3. BTW apologies when I typed this I used the return key to create paragraphs etc - but it has uploaded as one big lump of difficult to read text.
  4. Yes defo get your consultant to explain this to you as an MRI is just a number of many tests which are firstly used to diagnose what might be causing the pain in order for the correct treatment to be identified (which even in the case of severe degeneration may not be surgery. In some instances conservative therapy can achieve the same outcomes as surgery, reduction in pain and disability). The problem with MRI alone is that degeneration in the discs and facets is as normal as grey hair and wrinkles, but for some it causes pain and for others it doesn't cause any pain (ie dark di
  5. Can anyone help please? (32 reads, no answers, --uh ph does that mean it is complicated)?
  6. Hi, A good friend of mine who is in her late 70's has asked me to sit in on a meeting tomorrow between her and 'The tax lady'. The only information I have so far is that my friend has been overpaid pension tax credits, and has underpaid council tax. She believes she was paying correctly because her husband is registered disabled with advanced Alzheimers, now she is petrified she will have to sell her house to pay it all back (at the moment I have no idea how much this is, or how long it goes back to - I will find out tomorrow). She is also terrified of this visit, she thinks 'The Tax Lady
  7. A close family member has been made redundant for the second time in 6 months. They are not entitled to any redundancy pay, they have no savings, she is a single parent with a mortgage and 2 teenagers and a suspended repossession order on her house. She is also in debt with her electric and gas and has had a pre-payment meter fitted recently. She has begged me for help to cover her mortgage in the short term given the suspended repossession order. This is £805 per month. I am in a position to help as I have £20K in my cash ISA currently paying 3%. This is for my intended house deposit but
  8. My advice would be to concentrate your efforts on claiming back the charges. I got absolutely nowhere when I tried to get Barclaycard to freeze/reduce interest on my friends balance despite recorded delivery letters etc. However when my friend decided to reclaim the £8 difference between the charges of £20 and the OFT recommended charge of £12 from 2006 Barclaycard suddennly paid up in full - all of the charges from 2004 + 8% interest. This has cleared his balance completely and was much less effort than getting the interest frozen.
  9. I'm just amazed they paid it without it even been asked for! Have also update my other thread on this and I will make sure my friend makes a donation to CAG. I almost wish I'd had charges on my barclaycard now - a great little windfall for him.
  10. Well well well..... Here's an update for y'all. I was claiming for a friend (I wrote the letters - he signed them and made the decision to only claim the £8 difference). I was busy with work and he was lax in reminding me to send the next letter so this claim was left for a while. Barclaycard have just sent him a letter in full and final settlement with ALL his charges back to 2004 including 8% interest!! Is that usual does anyone know? Obviously a good result for him and saved me the time of writing letters for him too.
  11. This is a true story on behalf of my friend which is rather strange but in his favour. Prior to Xmas he decided to re-claim his credit card charges from Barclaycard. On the MSE website it says you may have quicker success if you decide to only claim the difference between the £20 charge and the £12 recommended by the OFT. I helped him enter his charges on a spreadsheet so he could decide. His decision was to only claim the £8 difference from 2006 which amounted to approximately £100. Original letter duly sent off, with standard 'we're looking into it reply' from Barclaycard. Then Xma
  12. Hi Slick, Thanks for your reply and a copy of the template letter. Below is a copy of my original letter, sorry its copied as such huge text! - It was cribbed from the MSE site. Isn't that the same as the LBA effectively? Though I note I do not state I will take the matter further so perhaps another LBA using your template is required? ()Of course I wish I'd have used the CAG group template initially but trying to make the most of the situation now) Many thanks once again. Fee Dear Sir or Madam, Account number: I am writing to request that you r
  13. Thanks for your reply. apprecaited. It doesn't really answer my question above however and for my own reasons I'm happy to just claim the difference. Its not something I made up, the advice on the money saving expert website states its an option to do that. Whether you think its right or wrong is by the by now, I just wonder whether I should leave it until barclaycard get in touch again or send another letter, and if the latter which letter template would I use please? Thanks again
  14. Dear all, Your advice is needed please on what to do next. ..I am reclaiming my barclaycard late payment charges. I'm only reclaiming the difference between the £20 and £12 (so £8 per charge up until they dropped the charge to £12). The total reclaimed is just £96 and I sent my initial letter giving them a deadline of 14 days to reply. 18 days later they replied saying they were considering my complaint and would get back to me. Another 14 days later (today) I received a letter from them saying they were still considering the matter and will be in touch on the 16th Jan. Gi
  15. Argghhh where did my reply go???? See here: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pubs/final/redstone.pdf Redstone mortgages had thier hands slapped recently for a similar thing, see page 9 in particular. Good luck
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