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  1. Direct your question to tomtubby,I have received fantastic advise from tomtubby on advising me to claim back excessive fees,and advising my friend (via me) to not persue charges from bailiffs as the outcome for my friend could not have been better,you might be lucky and tomtubby may spot your post and have already posted info to you,hope this helps,only giving this info because tomtubby seems very genuine in his/her work.
  2. Yes of course you can,quite new to this so not sure how to do it!!!!can you advise
  3. The top of the warrant reads In the County Of Gwynedd Petty Sessional Division Of Gwynedd To Manweb (ScottishPower Energy Retail Limited) WARRANT OF ENTRY _______________________________ So it dosent tell me what court in Gwynedd
  4. Long story made short,in October 2007 Scottish Power broke into my house and disconnected the supply,this was due to an unpaid bill of £350.ish,After I discovered this I phone thempaid the bill and got reconnected straight away,but my queary has always been about the documentation that they sent to me,I requested a copy of the warrant that was granted to them to force entry into the house and disconnect the supply.The document that they sent does not have any offical stamps on it,does anybody have any idea where I could find a WARRANT OF ENTRY that has been signed by a justice of the peace.I s
  5. Hi my friend had a visit from Marstons bailiff regarding a parking fine,the bailiff called and demanded £326.33 this was on the Monday morning after a short stand off the bailiff agreed to reduce the amount by a wapping £175.00 if payment was made immediatley bringing the total down to £151.33,she agreed to pay the amount but only had £85.00 on her,he said he would return in a couple of hours to collect the £151.33.He returned and she paid the £151.33 charge. I now have a good idea about the charges applied to council tax/business rates(thanks to this forum)but I don't have a clue as to p
  6. If you know of anyone else who have had dealings with phoenix in Trafford I would be really grateful if you would ask them to look at this post and leave a comment regarding there van charges,I used to be very private about my financial circumstances and ashamed to mention bailiffs but that is how they win,firstly you are just so releived that you have managed to pay the debt that you just want to forget about it all,and secondly they rely on people being to ashamed to discuss the fact that a bailiff has called,well not this time I intend to go as far as I can to becoming a thorn in the side o
  7. Thanks for reply,I think the enforcement fee is the same as attendance van fee somebody will let us know if they are the same were the bailiffs from Phoenix,my van fee was £285.00 as you've already probably seen,a couple of other Trafford residents were charged £95.00,£125.00,£170.00,so very varying charges, I am just trying to find out as many charges as possible as I want to confront Phoenix regarding my charge of £285.00,
  8. Hi KFCgravylover,do you mind if I ask what they were collecting for council tax or business rates and how much were the van charges that they put onto your account,thanks in advance 5yno
  9. Hi KFCgravylover,do you mind if I ask what they were collecting for council tax or business rates and how much were the van charges that they put onto your account,thanks in advance 5yno
  10. Sorry didn't mention the van is fully sign written with the company logo and slogans.
  11. Dear Tomtubby,firstly thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and finding the time to reply,I requested a blow by blow account of fees and added to the account so I will post them on Monday for you to look over (they are at my business premises didn't want to bring them home)thanks once again realized I ranted a little bit in my post,but I do appreciate any fedback positive or negative,thank you,
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