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  1. SupersleuthMany thanks for your advice on this.I have been hit back too many times with the ERC. I don't seem to be doing very well by myself. Need help now !!!!!!!!
  2. Supersleuth.Thanks for that.I seem to have borrowed off the same Lender right down the tracks. The same Broker. This makes me very worried. I have come to the conclusion that I have paid ERC to the same Lender since 2004. I have checked my Lenders out and they are all linked. All money in their back pocket!!!!
  3. I know sometimes we have to take these loans out in desperation, but surely there is a line that must be drawn as to how much charges they can take off you, especially when you are trying to get back on the straight and narrow!I was with a High Street Lender until I was stung with bank charges, which led to my downfall to bad debt.Sorry about my paragraphs, but they all seem to be merging into one.
  4. SupersleuthFor well over a year now I have sent numerous letters to the Lenders and have been fobbed off every time trying to confuse me with legal jargon. I have spent so long on this, and not knowing where I legally stand, I am cautious about going to court on my own to confront these Lenders.I have contacted a solicitor who are well aware of the Lenders and think that I have a case against them.We had the same broker for 4 of these loans/mortgages.Is there something underhand going on? Also all of the Lenders that we have been through are linked to each other.Any ideas?
  5. Thankyou Supersleuth. Due to unforseen circumstances we have had to take out 2 secured loans and re-mortgaged three times since 2004. I have incurred ERC on 4 of these loans/mortgages incurring a total of more than 50K in Early Repayment Charges. After reading what you have posted am I right in thinking that I have a claim against these Lenders?
  6. Check this out. They can't take your sign written van as it is you livelyhood!If they try to take that then you can't work.They can't do that!!
  7. On all of my 'Final Notice' paperwork, it state's:'There is a 5% administration fee for payments made by credit card.£5.00 on payments of £100 or under'.I have always had to pay them over £100.00 and I don't have a credit card. Therefore, I shouldn't have ever incurred any charges.They are charging unlawfull fees that don't apply.This is against the law!!!!!!
  8. If anybody is dealing with Phoenix....PLEASE write or phone and ask them to send you copies of your statements. YOU MUST DO THIS NOW!! When you get your statement put them on top of the microwave, top drawer, anywhere where you can find them, because believe me it will be the best thing you have ever done. I have come across so many incorrect charges. I have been charged over £100.00 for paying with my card (they have on my account that I paid with credit card...I don't have a credit card). I have always paid by debit card, and can prove that with my bank statementsHow can they get away wi
  9. Phoenix have done so many underhand things.... debit card charges (5%), second van charges to name but a few. Is there nobody out there who has had problems with Phoenix? I need information to put a case against them!
  10. I would like to get a consortium going here now! I am going to compose a letter to our local MP. (With the help of a great friend of mine). I need our MP to be aware of how the Bailiffs are acting with regard to Trafford residents. He needs to be aware of the following: The bully boy tactics.... Following people in their 'sign written vans'. Trying to gain entry when they have been told not to. Threatening behaviour. Falsely gaining entry. (Foot through the door) Adding charges incorrectly. Miscelleneus fees here and there. Disclosing information to per
  11. Good for you!! It's about time that we stood up to Phoenix. They have been using underhand tactics for years (they have had £2000 of charges off me). They have taken numerous van charges off me (Do you realise that Trafford brought in a ruling that Phoenix could not charge 2 van charges after April 2008). I am sure that this applies to many of you. PHONE THE COUNCIL AND ASK TO HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT DEFERRED BACK TO THEM IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THE BAILIFF COMPANY. PHOENIX HAVE PUSHED THE BOAT OUT......... Phoenix have been adding pounds here and pounds t
  12. Yes, much luck. But not with Phoenix directly as they don't answer their phones. I have been looking through my paperwork for Phoenix and have noticed that they have added a little bit here and a little bit there. On my bill it might read 1001.00, but on the next bill it reads 1011.00. Not really noteceable but it is £10.00. On another bill goes from £541.00 to £571.00. An extra £30.00)! When I look at the paperwork the writing is very similar. They seem to be adding on a few pounds here and there. Has anyone else got paperwork that they can look at to see if it has
  13. Sorry to hammer you with so many questions, but aren't they only allowed to charge you the second van fee if they actually remove goods.
  14. 5ynoYou could be right. I will have to look into this. I am sure that if you are paying someone that you shouldn't incur a charge. But let's face it they make it up as they go along anyway!!
  15. tonyceeYes. I have got a breakdown of all the charges. But what I have also got is statements from Phoenix with all the charges that have gone on my account.BUT..... I have got a debit charge of £xxxxxx (much more than their £5.00 standard charge) for paying with my card which when I phoned to query this has DISAPPEARED off the account that they hold for me. Good job i'm a hoarder as I have got the bank statements to prove that they took it by debit card (states on their agreement that payment by debit card is £5.00).
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