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  1. Hmmm - as it's unclear who "owns" I'll send it to both DCA's as I am already sending the SAR to the OC. Thanks.
  2. I'm in the process of sending my CCA requests and was wondering if my last correspondence is off DCA1, quoting DCA2 and OC, do I send the CCA to both DCA1 and DCA2?
  3. Agreed, things are never as bad as they may seem at the time and you have to try and gather strength and fight back. Thanks for the heads up for the letter, which I could also probably obtain from work(who know about my situation) Managed to create 4 CCA letters today and 4 DCA, so will fire those off tomorrow. Thought it woulkd be a good idea to start with the ones where I do not already have a CCJ, but they have my current address. Must admit Barclays(thnks for the link) is a bit of a strange one as it's not on any of my 3 credit reports (Equifax/Experian or Credit Call) and h
  4. Thanks 42man and Slick for your replies and advice - much appreciated. With regard to some of your questions:- Firstly, just to reassure you that suicide is not something I'm contemplating! Those thoughts are thankfully, now well in the past. The last correspondence received is mentioned in my original posting and of the 10 debts, 7 have my current address and 3 do not. I receive very little mail even on the ones that do have the address. We do not have a telephone attached to the line as it is only used for the internet, but would expect they are autodialling me on a constant
  5. Thanks for your replies. There is also the issue of the CCJ's. If you don't apply for set asides very quickly then it is more difficult to get one granted. You would need to provide a very good reason for the court to grant it. Ignorance of the law at the time the CCJ was granted would not be considered a good reason for a set aside. I have had a look around on the forum today and found that these are some of the reasons that a CCJ could be set aside:- Valid reasons to have your judgements 'set aside' (to be used on n244 form) Introduction To have your judgement set as
  6. Thanks Luminol. Will start with asking for the agreements asap. I presume it would therefore also be a better idea to send postal orders rather than signed cheques?
  7. Hi, Any help would be appreciated as would like to get the ball rolling now, after allowing the debt to rip my life apart over the last few years. Should I first send out requests for CCA and also SAR? Does anyone know the effect of the 3 CCJ's mentioned in the OP? Many Thanks!
  8. Hi, New to the forum and must say there is a great deal of useful information on here, which I have tried to read as much as possible. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong thread or if I should have a seperate thread per debt. My circumstances are that I currently have around £75000 of unsecured loan and Credit Card debt and due to personal circumstances have not been paying since Mid 2006, of which I am certainly far from proud of, but would like to come to some sort of resolution one way or another. I was dealing with Payplan in 2006.I do not have any assets, apart from a car w
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