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  1. Update: All paperwork recieved from the 3rd party and his insurance have been passed onto my Insurance, Swiftcover, who are acting on my behalf ( which they should tbh) and up to now, have been nothing short of brilliant. Thier manner when dealing with me and this have been nothing short of 100% proffesional. Top marks up to now for them
  2. Spoke to the insurance today and they have said just send all paperwork to them and in the meantime, they will contact the third parties insurance and say that all future dealing should be dealt directly with them and not me. Also found out that he is claiming almost £1600 worth of damge to his car as well ? And due to this his car was written off. Cannot understand this, my car bumber is plastic and not a sctatch on it. His damage at the time, was a dent in his bumper and broken indicator lens, his headlamps were fine as was his radiator, in fact, he went on to fill his car up and I watc
  3. Thanks for the speedy replies and apologies about posting this in the wrong section:oops: There is no court date on the forms that came through the post that I can see, its seems it a claim form via the courts ?Only date on it I can see is the 13th of July, the issue date and forms asking me my personal details and how much I earn monthly. Attending court would be out of the question as I live too far away, plus work would not allow me the time off to attend
  4. In May of this year, I had a minor bump. I was in Tescos fuel station and reversed into another car that was behind me. The car in question was a MG sports car. I checked my rear view mirror, saw nothing so started to reverse. I hadnt moved more than 1 ft when I felt the collision. I honestly hadnt seen this car behind me, it was that low to the ground. There was no damage at all to my car, not even a scratch, but the other parties car was slightly damaged in that it had a bent front bumper and the indicator lens was smashed. I admitted liability straight away and passed my details onto my i
  5. Thanks for the reply. Not sure as to how old it is, will check but I think its at least 5 years old, maybe older.
  6. My wife has a CC with the RBOS and recently due to ill health, I had to take some time from work. Because of this, we fell into arrears with a few of our debts and thus began a monthly struggle to pay bills, we would be paid in the last day of the month, the 1st of the month we would be broke. So we contacted the people we owed money too and came to some arangements, in that intrest was either reduced or frozen for a period of time. Most agreed to this as they were told the wife was due to start a new job paying more money and once I was back to work and we were back on our feet again, we wo
  7. Hi all, excellent and ver imformative site. Read as much as I could about CC and cannot really find the answer to what I need and its time I acted on Citicards, the credit card people. Back in the summer of last year, I called them to make an arrangement to pay. I offered XX amount which they declined (viasome call centre in the back of beyond, India I think fromt he accents of the people I spoke too) and then proposed an amount, which I agrred to. Without fail I kept this up, paying at the end of every month, when I am paid. After the first payment, the phone calls started. I explained
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