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  1. Hi again, Further update, another statement received, same balance. No details on the card which was sent and as yet, still no response to SAR I have again rung them and they insist the balance is negative or zero, depends which person I speak to! Another recorded delivery letter sent this morning and slet's see if that brings any joy.
  2. Hi all, I had yet another statement yesterday, again showing a positive balance. No response to my SAR which I am just doing a letter to follow up. However, I received a cashcard today??? I don't have any other Abbey/Santander products so can only assume that it relates to this account? Why would they send a cash card if I was alledgedly in so much debt with them. This makes absolutely no sense anymore. TW
  3. Hi all, I wanted to update this because I am absolutely disgusted with the NHS complaints proceedure. I made a verbal and written complaint and both have been dealt with....well in the NHS's mind anyway. I've been told there is nothing which can be done, despite the fact I have waited for such a long time, told there are people who have been waiting longer and are more urgent on clinical need etc. They told me to go back to my GP if my symptoms worsened. I went back to my surgery, saw a far more understanding locum GP, who is fuming, he has written to get my case speeded up
  4. I just wanted to update again. Abbey have started sending letters to me stating I need to repay the amount shown, I have had a debt collector come to my door recently from Abbey, told him where to go thanks to this site! I have SAR'd them again shortly after receiving the letter above and still NO response. The letters I am receiving are showing a minus figure of the same amount above yet I have had another statement which is exactly like the one above, with the same balance but no minus sign??? I am VERY confused to say the least.
  5. Just to update, phoned AM's surgery office, spoke to a nice lady helper who rang the hospital in question. She called me back and advised that on a generic basis (she took my details but said they probably wouldn't discuss individual cases) and basically, someone who has waited since August is likely not to be operated on until May/June 2010. They are not meeting targets and there is nothing they can do. She will pass my concerns to the AM and ask that they are addressed. Not good news though for me
  6. Thank very much Corgiman. I will get on to that today. Very helpful, thank you.
  7. Evening all, Hope you are all keeping warm and well. I've been waiting since early August for surgery on my shoulder, as a 'soon' case, the surgeon said he operates a routine, soon and urgent caseload and I was told I should wait no more than 16 weeks for surgery if I fell in this category. Obviously 16 weeks has come and gone, I rang. the hospital where I am scheduled just to see where I was on the list and I was told the target was now not to wait anymore than 22 weeks for a 'soon' case. I asked whether the waiting time included the 2 week break for Christmas and I was told ye
  8. Hi There, I am newish to the site and wonder can anyone give me some advice please? My husband and I had a business with a business partner and the company closed in August as it was operating at a loss, had severe financial problems and basically we were funding it all out of our own pockets. We intend to take the debts into an IVA soon (more later!). We made a claim at the start of September for Jobseekers allowance and that claim is still not completed and this is where I need some help. We provided all the details requested and attended the first meeting, we then had a
  9. The balance was £20ish I think. I did follow up the harges, however it was after the hold was put on but I received no response, although did send a recorded delivery letter and I still have the slip and printed out delivery confirmation from Royal Mail in my file.
  10. Just called Abbey, they say the account is closed and Ii'm in debt with them by this much!
  11. That's OK, it is a long saga with them. So, the telephone number kind of implies the account has been assigned elsewhere? I've got married since I opened the account (& believed it was closed), so IF I am in credit, I only have this statement as proof I had/have an account with Abbey. Not 100% convinced I am in credit, given the saga but IF I am, how should I go about getting it with no card, nothing? Certainly don't want them having money that MIGHT be mine!!
  12. I sent the subject access request in to them in 2007!!!!, just want to know what this statement actually means!
  13. Hi all, I've been in dispute with Abbey since 2006 regarding bank charges. Basically, I was made redundant and I asked both my home branch of Abbey and my local branch to close my account to avoid charges, I signed paperwork and gave over my cashpoint card (I only had a basic account at this time) and never heard anymore from them. In Dec 2006, I received a letter saying I was £360 overdrawn, through charges, explained to branch managed who closed my account and they weren't helpful. Went through the CCA route (no CCA provided), then down the Subject Access line, again I sent the fee
  14. Thanks for your reply. I have had a look at the Choice website, unfortunately, most of the policies on there refer to patients resident in England
  15. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me please, as I fear I am going to have a battle on my hands very soon and I want to go into it the best equipt that I can. Last year, I developed severe pain in my shoulder, saw my GP, who suggested physio, being in so much pain, she recommended I pay to see a physio, which I did, at a local private hospital. Whilst there on my first visit, the physio was quite concerned and brought in an orthopaedic surgeon who specialised in shoulder disorders to see me. He agreed there was something severe going on inflammation wise, and gave me a cortison
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