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  1. Hi everyone, My dad is self employed taxi man and is currently in hospital, icu but thankfully he is coming on great!! The docs say it will be a slow recovery, 6 months or more. Just wondering what benefits would he be entitled to? He is about 63 years old. Many thanks,
  2. Have you checked with all 3 CRAs? One of my debts was marked 'settled' with one of them (its certainly far from settled) & I thought 'happy days' but when I checked with another it was defaulted Knew it was 'too good to be true'. But Fingers crossed for you that that 'wiped it out' seeing as they didnt have a CCA. Thanks for the reply 'the_shadow' Unfortunately my credit rating is below rubbish at the minute and will only get 'healthier' once my 3 defaults fall off my record in 2011. I think i'll just send them the £450 I agreed with them. At the end of the da
  3. Thanks for the input PGH7447. I'm thinking along your lines, because I offered it and they accepted it I should pay it. I could kick myself though for not offering lower Obviously I would love to pay as little as possible. Sorry Dx, as far as I'm aware this is the first thread I have put up about this actual debt. The others were about cahoot & barclaycard. So should I keep ALL my posts in one thread even though they are about different debts??? Apologies for my dis-jointed threads, I'll be sure to keep them in one from now on. The creditor was JD Williams, but
  4. Hi everyone, I CCA'ed 1st Credit (acting for JD Williams) and they got back to me saying they have requested a copy of it from the client. I went ahead and sent them a F&F letter offering £400 (the balance is in the region of £900 and I thought if they accepted this if they'd a CCA on file then happy days) and then wrote back declining saying the lowest they can accept is £500. So I sent them another letter saying that as of yet I still havent received a copy of the credit agreement and that they were outside the time allowed and that I couldnt stretch to £500 but could raise
  5. Hi again, Sent that letter you put up Cerberusalert and Barclaycard have got back to me. They dont seem to be budging I've attached their reply received the other day! Anyone any ideas of what I can/should do next. K x Barclaycard reply (july 09).pdf
  6. Thanks Dx Had a look and I wouldnt even know where to begin My brain just isnt grasping it, a sure sign I shouldnt tackle this me thinks!
  7. CheekoWeeko

    Cahoot Loan

    Hi everyone, I have CCA'ed and SAR'd Cahoot and still waiting on the correct information! all they sent me was a statement of my account from start until it went into default. I just added up that I paid £1,017.89 in 'flexible loan insurance' payments for a period of my loan with Cahoot before I stopped it mid 2004. Do you think I would be able to claim this back? & if so, what would my first step be. Ideally I would like to offer a F&F (the debt is now with moorcroft) and if I could somehow reclaim the above amount i'd say they'd settle. The loan was nearly 5,
  8. hi again, I just added up that I paid £1,017.89 in 'flexible loan insurance' payments for a period of my loan with Cahoot before I stopped it mid 2004. Do you think I would be able to claim this back? & if so, what would my first step be. Thanks again for the help x
  9. Many thanks Cerberusalert Will get that sent off today recorded delivery, see what the come back with! Not much I hope, so they'll accept a low F&F!! Will let you know if I receive anything! (ps its not letting me tip your scales again...... but appreciate your help again)
  10. Hi everyone, Just wondering could someone look at my attachments and let me know what I should do next. My first attachment is the CCA request to Barclaycard and their reply, a longwinded letter with terms & conditions from 1998 (the year I took the card out). I didnt think this met my request so I sent them a 2nd letter and they have replied to that (both in 2nd attachment). They state in the 1st letter that my account is now with a recovery team/debt management. It used to be, Robinson Way, but a few months back when I contacted them for my balance they told me that t
  11. Many thanks Ida, Have amended it and will send it recorded delivery tomorrow, they've 10 days left before the 40 days are up. They obviously think i'm going to try and reclaim the charges put on the account, hence they only sent me a statement of affair. Will let you know if I get any kind of reply. K x
  12. Hello everyone, I just received this back from Cahoot when I sent them a SAR. All they seem to have sent me is a statement of account, nothing else, no default notice etc etc. This debt is now with a Debt Collector. Is this all they needed to send me or am I right in thinking I should've got more information. Ideally I want the DC (moorcroft) to accept a smaller offer to settle the account. I CCA'ed moor and they replied saying that they have contacted their client for a copy of the agreement and will not seek to collect the debt until they are in receipt of the information I r
  13. ahhh i see! Which could back up what Cerberusalert said in one of my own posts about Moorcroft perhaps not having any right to money i've been paying them ( £3000 so far) collecting for ones of my creditors who have marked my credit file as 'satisfied' (but clearly was never 'satisfied' as I stopped paying them). Strange why they have done this (marked my file as satisfied i mean if they still own my debt)!!!
  14. Thats a relief!!! Thanks for clarifying that Postggj Strangely, none of the DCAs that deal with my debt have registered themselves on my credit file! (thank god & I hope I havent spoke to soon).
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