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  1. Thanks for this, I shall wade through the stickies! Does anyone know whether the CCA is enforcable as it includes PPI ? Thanks KB
  2. Would anyone be kind enough to give me any advice on this thanks kb
  3. Hi Folks, I've been trying to establish whether I can claim a misselling of PPI which was included in my CCA by default. I was not given the opportunity to elect out of this at the time of application, nor was I advised that I could take the loan out without PPI If someone could have a look at this agreement and suggest my next step I'd very much appreciate it. bos-cca.jpg picture by kingbottler - Photobucket Cheers KB
  4. Hey Ida, Thanks for getting back. Your comments are very helpful. I did sign this within the bank in a half hour meeting. I do feel I did not get the opportunity to properly review this and PPI was automatically included. I was reading somewhere here a precedent had been set when an individual's cca was deemed unenforcable by inclusion of ppi by default. Am I correct in this? Cheers KB
  5. Thanks for this Would anyone regard the attached document above as an 'Enforcable' CCA agreement? Oh and any PPI experts like to comment! Cheers KB
  6. Hi Folks, I've just received my SAR for the above and would be grateful if anyone would like to comment on what may be construed as a CCA. It was filled in at time of application. BOS have already stated as above they cannot find the CCA. Might they pretend this is the CCA? What is everyone's view to it's enforcability? On a futher point I wish to claim on PPI misselling as you can see this was included in the loan agreement I subsequently found I couldn't claim upon this so believe I was missold this as I was not given an option or choice. Thanks KB
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