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  1. OK, having to return to UK tomorrow evening Am I correct 1 Go to court to get copies of court papers - pay fee 2 Ensure what they say/state is correct? 3 Complete (helppppppp) form 7.1A and submit with £70 to Court 4 Do I get F&F from creditors or will they already know my predicament and refuse to drop - none have valid CCA's I believe, hence they have all been silent for 2 - 2 1/2 years 5 I was told that my mortgage is excluded from the unsecured creditors I need to pay to annul the bankruptcy - am I correct? Does anyone have a reputable solicitor who could he
  2. I spoke with national debt helpline who were helpful and pointed me to form 7.1A rang other, highly publicised London Solicitors and they have not called back yet I have been bankrupted by a UK company in the UK only
  3. Sorry bit thick and not thinking straight How do I get court paperwork? Just printed off form 7.1A preparing to complete it Is this the correct form?
  4. No Southern Ireland, but all mail redirected here Tenant at our former PPR received the hand delivered letter on Friday, I have been in the UK (daughter having spinal surgery at bmi) for the past 6 weeks and staying in the next road to our house so had access to all mail 'hand delivered' Completely floored. Have spoken to National Debt Helpline, who were very patient and kind Am currently calculating exactly how much my unsecured creddit cards are and attemptiing to raise money to pay them off They claim that with Hamptons/Lowell it is very difficult to 'prove' they di
  5. Hello Much tears and angst here as I too have had Hamptons/Lowell bankrupt me without any notice whatsoever, happened last Tuesday received petition letter yesterday!!!! Dated 25 August, hand delivered Am just writing my list of how to apply for an annulment and therefore a stay of proceedings So utterly devastated, watching here with interest how have you got on???
  6. has anyone any ideas as to how to file my defence which si now due by tomorrow night - 24 hour Court claim as papers were sent to uk address (which was redirected to ireland by royual mail) that this is deemed good service They were less than helpful and I am again unwell and not coping very well with this I am so sorry, if someone can help atall I would be very grateful do I just complete the form saying 1 outside jurisdiction 2 bank charges repaid and cheque received in 'full and final settlement' i assumed that the 'balance' they had contrived would then disapper 3 n
  7. Hello again I have heard nothing since I acknowledged the N1 form, ticking teh dispute jurisdiction box. no email, letter etc, just wondered what do I do next I assume I have to prepare a defence but an completely at a loss as to how to start this Any help would be most gratefully received Thanks again
  8. thanks for this I have already acknowledged and ticked the box that disputed the jurisdiction. Will I receive a reminder or further notice from the court when they assess the jurisdiction? Any help gratefully received and most appreciated thanks again
  9. I have got to the section which asks whether I contest jurisdiction, do I contest on the basis that I am no longer in the UK?
  10. Hi I am just doing it now, I assume that 20 days from 1 September is today so this is my last chance to respond, despite my redirected mail only arriving less than a week ago Just wondering how to plea, can anyone help? Really they haven't provided an overdraft agreement, I do not know how they came to the blaance they have shown on the N1 and they repaid me bank charges 11 months ago (well paid it direct to my mortgage lender at their insistance) and I assumed the whole thing had gone away Any ideas gratefully received, does it matter that I am overseas do I state this? Or do
  11. Sorry to be thick, but do I let them know I am now overseas ie in Ireland? Thanks Harrassed
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