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  1. What is the best course of action at this stage then? I have spoken with the Enforcement officer that called to my property on the Saturday, and received the usual torrent of threats, amounting to essentially paying the full £451 now, else another visit would take place, with a locksmith etc to enter my property to seize goods. I was given some advice earlier, which was to make the payment of the £251 to the HMCS Courts through the "Pay Your Fine" link on the DirectGov website. It is possible to still make payment using the original court reference etc and then the courts would have
  2. Does no-one have any advice? Reading around on here it seems that the advice is that the HMCS fees are accepted, and there's not much that can be done to fight them? Is that true? I'm more annoyed by the fact that I called to pay the £251 that I was told was owed, only to be told that it had been increased by £200 for an attendance fee when no attendance had been made. I was told that I couldnt make payment though until a bailiff had been contacted, after which I received no contact for the rest of the day, and sure enough next morning a bailiff turned up, so their fee is now valid.
  3. I have started trying to find information from here and elsewhere on the internet, but not found anything relating to a Speeding Fine (most cases refer to Parking fines, or Council Tax). My gut feeling though is that the same terms/appropriate fees are valid. I received a letter from Marston recently for a Speeding Fine that I had forgotten to pay. I work away from home a lot, so I did not receive the notice that I had received a letter from Marston for approx 4 weeks after it was sent. The letter said that the original court fine (£176) was now £251, due to a £75 administration fee.
  4. Hi, My car was towed away (parked in a Permit bay - my mistake - didn't see the signs) on Thursday night. I collected the car and had a quick look round for bodywork damage but didn't see anything. I didn't sign anything to say that I had inspected the car at the time though, just paid the release fee and collected the car. Well, I washed the car for the first time this morning and two of the wheels have been fairly badly damaged. The car is only 3 weeks old, so it is immaculate in every sense at the moment, except for two large gouges/scratches in the wheel finish now! I have t
  5. Lig24, will check your thread. What problems are you having then?
  6. Just an update on my thread here as well - I WON! (well it wasn't a surprise was it?). Full settlement received, including all court charges etc. Donation on the way!
  7. Hi, I have my claim submitted and it is in the very final stages. However, due to the amounts involved (and the £5000 small claims limit) I never went for contractual interest when I started my claim (also, the expectations etc for the notion of successfully claiming this was in the very early stages). However, I wondered, if once my claim for the CHARGES is "successful" as expected, could I then submit a new claim seperately for the INTEREST that has been charged to me through the same period, in a completely new claim for the interest only? Any ideas?
  8. Well received my letter from the court today with a date for trial of the 2nd March. Reading through a couple of recent successes, Cobbett's tend to stuff a cheque in the post very shortly after this stage of the proceedings... here's hoping! Court pack off tomorrow anyway... (which should give them a kick up the a*se!)
  9. I'm sure it is just wishful thinking that they will wear us down. They're pushing it as far as they can get away with and settling outside of court at the last minute... Hope you guys are right anyway - a cheque this month would certainly be a big help in recovering after Xmas!
  10. I had a 50% offer about a week after the AQ was submitted by Cobbett's. I sent back a rejection letter. I never received a CPR 18 request from them, so this was never an issue. Just wondering if I can expect a cheque before the 14th, since the last letter I received was on the 12th December, from the court, stating the Allocation of my case to the Small Claims Track, and setting a date of 4pm on the 12th January by which I must send to the court and the other parties my court bundle. I've prepared the bundle to send out this week, but just wondered if it's the norm to go this f
  11. Well received the allocation from the judge on Friday - court date is the 14th January! Bring it on!!
  12. Well after sleeping on it I figured it was only a letter... and i've waited this long, so I can wait a little longer! So, new POC sent to the court and Cobbetts today, attaching the charge schedule again, and basically using the N1 template for the POC. Also sent a letter declining their offer. Can't see them finding anything else now to wriggle out of paying, but who knows!
  13. Should I just reject my offer? Do I need to send a revised POC? I somehow feel if I send a new POC then it automatically drags this out as the court will allow them more time for a defence since the charges have "changed". Seeing as plenty of cases have been brought to court and been paid up with the exact same POC that I entered, I don't see I need to make any changes now?
  14. Well I received my 50% offer at the weekend. Guess I'll follow your lead sbb and send back a letter politely declining their offer, and also provide them with a clearer, revised POC which I'll also forward to the court.
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