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  1. Thanks for reply. But if I send this kind of letter back, it will give them my full name (not wise). I won't ignore them but I think I should send them back, their own letter, after making a copy of it, With the words on their own letter ' Not known at this address". What do you think??
  2. Hi sickboy, thanks for reply. No, "Debt Notification" nowhere And no Giro slip at the bottom.
  3. Hi, Got a letter from Moorcroft Debt Recov limited on the 4/06/2010 about overdraft and charges, that came out of the blue nearly a year after another debt collection agency wrote me. This is the first letter I have got from them to with overdraft and charges. In it the say, 'They have been instructed by Halifax to collect your over due debt £1,533.35. It is a legal requirement to send a notice of of Intended Litigation before legal proceedings in the county court are issued. We believe that this letter fulfills this requirement even if not read actually read by you.' Then goes
  4. Thanks for replying and No I have not been taken to court
  5. Hi there, I have been threatened by the tax man to enter my home and for things to be taken And for the tax man to sell them. Is this legal??? Urgent help.......Anyone??
  6. I too asked Lloyds to send CAA to me a year or so ago. They send back very much the same thing, with no date, etc but mine did not have the word 'Card' in title. So it did not read Credit card Agreement, just credit agreement. Is this valid and enforceable? Or I am wrong? By the way, Good luck.
  7. Hi, I sent off the letter template that was posted by babydoll, with a few extra's added to it ( thank you). A couple of days later I sent it to the Hallifax. I heard nothing from Halifax at all.Zero.... Instead, they passed on my data on to third party's and these third party's keep on writing with the usual demands, threat's, etc.etc. And to this very day I am still getting letters from third party's ( 2 times a week). Halifax even had the nerve to send me 2 letters caiming I had missed 2 payments this year (2010). And yet nothing vaild has ever been sent by them to me. And I ignore them.
  8. Hi, does the word " Card" have to be in the title of a CCA and not just say "Credit Agreement"? And does the date and year also have to be on it? If missing any of these. does it mean a CCA has never existed in the first place, if these are missing from what is sent by Loyds now and what was signed when card was issued?
  9. yes, cashed. I sent it to: Lloyds TSb, Queens road Quadrant, 1-5,Queens Road Quadrant, Brighton.BN25 3jl.
  10. Also can Lloyds still charge interest on a card if cancelled?
  11. I have now re-sent the Account in dispute back to Lloyds pointing out, that There is no date or year on docs. Docs on separate pieces when should have been on back of so-called CCA, with cancellation box( this was missing), Current terms and conditions are not original, how the so-called CAA is totally different to the copy they sent me at time I applied for the card in 2003. And all I get back in reply is a Solicitors letter, stating i have been served with a default notice ( default notice sent while account in dispute and with no CCA issued from Lloyds). Any advice on this?? http://
  12. Also can a bank, like halifax, send my details to DCA and collect in full the sum of £1,500.00 if £500.00's are plenty/unfair charges. I ask again. I also was sent a default notice that was based on Plenty charges. Are Halifax allowed to do this? Or is this a breach of the banking Code? Anyone????????????
  13. Sorry, what they sent to me on 7/06/09 JPG's
  14. The so-called CCA, that Lloyds sent, Looks like a new agreement and not original. Why? Because what they sent with Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket These docs had my original address on at time I applied, while the print out that claims to be a CCA has my current address on it and look like it was printed off computer this year (2009) and not in the year 1999.. Is this Fraud or what? Any advice most helpful? Any letter to send back to LLoyds?
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