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  1. Thanks again. I'll get the letter off in the next few days.
  2. So.... nearly three years have passed, and this morning I've received a letter from 1st Credit. It basically says they are disappointed that despite their attempts, I have not communicated with them or paid the debt in full. It goes on to say that they have engaged the services of a debt collection agency and that my account has been transferred to that agency (no indication of which agency). Their instructions to that agency are to seek to obtain the outstanding debt on behalf od 1st Credit, and that this collection activity may include a visit to my home etc. etc. It finishes b
  3. Thanks cerberusalert. I'll get the letter off to RBS/Mint tomorrow (not much point sending it to FCM seeing as they're just forwarding the request on to RBS/Mint.
  4. Thanks for the advice. So, do I make a fresh request to RBS, or FCM, or whoever under S78, or leave it as it is, or what?
  5. Ok, I've now had a reply (and not what I was expecting either). My original two letters have been returned by RBS/Mint (I was expecting a reply from FCM). The CCA request has "Sec77" scrawled on it in pencil, and the postal order has been reurned as well. A covering letter (of sorts) has been sent by RBS; It states: Thank you for your letter in which you have made a request for documents under the CCA. I am unable to deal with your request due to (ticked as appropriate) Request received under S77 - the above account is nor a loan account and therefore we are under no o
  6. Done and done. Again, thank you all.
  7. Sorry, should have mentioned in the first post that they have stated that the debt is for an RBS credit card.
  8. I wondered about sending that (suitably edited of course), but should I also send them a CCA request at the same time?
  9. I've received a letter from FCM this morning (marked URGENT of course) stating that a debt recovery officer has recently called at my address as previously arranged but was unable to contact me. They have reinstructed him to call again as a matter of urgency and to repeat his visits at various times so that collection of the debt can be effected. They also state that they have given him authority to carry out tracing inquiries etc. They go on to say that if I am unable to pay the outstanding amount in full then they will accept an initial payment etc. Now..... This (as far
  10. As an afterthought, do I need to acknowledge this, or respond in any other way? TIA
  11. Ok. I've received a reply from MH stating: Request for copy agreement under section s.78(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Dear......... We refer to your letter dated ............ We have contacted our client for a copy of your agreement and statement of your account. Your account is currently on hold. Please be assured that no action will be taken against you. Should we not receive the relevant proof from our client within 40 days we will close your file and return the file to our client. Our client will then decide what step (sic) to take. Yours sincer
  12. From reading other threads here, I assume this is a "good thing"?
  13. Thank you. I'll get it off asap.
  14. Ok, long time no post, but nothing much has been happening until today. I've now received a threatogram from Mackenzie Hall. This has the standard large text "IMPORTANT - DO NOT IGNORE" at the top, and goes on to state that they have been inctructed by their client to recover this overdue account. They have also given me a deadline of 14th August 2009 to pay by (nice of them to get it here with two days notice). What next please?
  15. Thanks again. Cerberusalert's letter will be going off later today or first thing tomorrow. They seem to assume that by attempting to confuse people with confused "legalese" that people will just agree to their demands and fall in line - mind you, the ordinary man in the street who didn't know about this forum may well do so.
  16. Ok. First of all, thank you all for the advice you've given up to now - long may it and CAG continue. I've now had a reply from First Credit (links below), what do I do now please, as their interpretation of the law seems to differ from the advice given here. Page 1: fc090416a.jpg picture by ftw59 - Photobucket Page 2: fc090416b.jpg picture by ftw59 - Photobucket Thanks again in advance.
  17. So basically a rehash of the last letter? Thanks all, I'll get the letter sorted and off to them on Monday.
  18. I've uploaded a scan of the form if that helps. http://s655.photobucket.com/albums/uu280/ftw59/?action=view&current=fc1edit-1.jpg (link changed)
  19. Yes. The form is headed "Priority application". As for readability - the small print is totally unreadable, and much of the other text is hard to extremely hard to read.
  20. Ok. 1st Credit have finally responded with a letter headed "Final Response". They have also included a very badly photocopied copy of my initial application form and a two page photocopy of what appears to be a fax of Barclaycard's conditons (with a date on the second page of 12/7/06). The letter states that they have sent a copy of their complaints procedure under seperate cover (which hasn't been received), and requests that I contact their offices within the next 14 days to advise how I intend to clear the debt. What's my next step please? My circumstances have chan
  21. Thanks, Account In Dispute letter going off today. Will be interesting to see their next move.
  22. In late January I received a letter from 1st Credit chasing up a debt with Barclaycard. I replied to that letter, included a £1 postal order and requested a copy of the credit agreement. The response I got to that letter was - the letter and postal order returned to me, and a hand written note scrawled on the back that I had to request this inormation from the original creditor. On 5th February I received another letter from them chasing the debt, and again I submitted the above request which has so far been ignored. I have proof of delivery of both letters. Today I've rec
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