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  1. hi Court hearing tomorrow. Ive recieved a couple of more letters from capquest. One on the 12th feb stating my account has been passed to another dept to be closed?????????? The other said they were in the process of handing back to the orignating creditor, but are not now?? strange thing to do 16 days after sending me a SD!! it stated I had two options - one to contest and they would provide evidence to support the debt and the other to agree to having the SD set aside. I`ve replied but they wont have the letter in time for tomorrow.
  2. Hi I sent a standard CCA letter off to Bcw with a postal order for £1. They have replied (returning my £1) stating that they do not hold a copy of the credit agreement at this office as they are not the creditor. However they advise my account is placed on hold and that they have requested their client to send me these documents direct, Whats the best course of action of this - its a debt with a credit card pre 2006 for about £1000 Thank you for any help you can give
  3. Thank you - its still worrying me. I`ve found a couple of more things which I could do with help on; I went to the court named in the SD to be told that they dont deal with insolvency at that court and therefore coulnt give me the setting asisde forms. they directed me to a larger city Court - does this make the SD meaningless?? Also Capquest responded to my CCA request saying that my account is on hold until they obtain the information - what does this mean? the SD runs out 6th Feb, so will they do nothing until the end of the 28 period?? Thanks
  4. Hi I`ve downloaded the land registry document for my exs house. Still £3. The title absolute is registered solely with my Ex - the date of this title is 3rd March 2004 - not quite 5 years ago! Am I in trouble! - My statutory demand is dated 19th jan 2009. 21 days when they can apply for my bankrupcy takes me to 9th february. I signed over the house with no benefit to me. Help??
  5. Thank you both - very much appreciated. I still need to check my divorce papers. Is it 5 years from the date of sign over that is the break point. I separated in May 2002 and probably signed over sometime in 2003. My salary will probably not pay off my debts for about another 15 years at current rate/ I`ll check with Land Rejstry thanks
  6. Thank you! I will need to check my divorce papers as Im sure that I gave up all claim on the house. The mortgage is in her name and I signed over all endowments. What sort of things do you need to know to heelp me decide if bankruptcy is the way to go?grant it on the grounds of being in dispute if I can show that I am in the process of requesting a CCA? i`ve just sent off recorded delivery today - only have 10 days of my 18 left If I go to set aside the Statutory demand will they thanks
  7. Thanks Angel SD it is first then - looking to see how I can get it set aside.
  8. Thanks for the advice! I`ll look up SDs and follow up on some of my creditors (some of my debts go back to 2001 - they never seem to get any smaller) Thanks
  9. Hi, New to the site, but really pleased I`ve found it! I have debts totalling around £45k with around 11 different creditors. I`ve had these for a number of years and have been plagued with various threats over the years. I have just recieved a Statutory Demand from Capquest, who say they are going to BR me. I rent my house, have a lease car, little in the way of assets. i have a few questions which are bothering me if i do go BR. 1. I,m divorced and pay maintenance for my children who still live in my old house with my Ex. i gave up all rights to the house some time ago - wil
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