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  1. Hello there folks, Im after some helpful advice. I have recently requested my signed CCA from Capital One and I recieved back from them ( Definately after 12 days!! ) after two to three weeks roughly, exactly the same letter as Desperate Daniella. As I am a complete novice at all of this I was adviced to do this by my cousin whom managed to get rid of £30,000 worth of debt with all her creditors. Im just wandering what my next step must be??? Any advice would be gratefully recieved.
  2. Evening Scott, really appreciate your helpful advice. Does this mean that I should with hold paying Halifax their monthly payments??? I am paying them through a debt management company called Debt Specialists. How would I go about this???
  3. I have found template letter within forum to request CCA, which I send to Halifax by recorded delivery two weeks ago. No hint of any reply as of yet though. Is there a template letter out their to chase where my respodence is??? Please help. Thanks.
  4. I have sent the template letter requesting CCA from Halifax in reference my loan. I sent this about two weeks ago and still no hint of response.Could someone please point me in right direction of follow up letter asking why they havent responded and what they have done with my £1.00 postal order.
  5. Hey Rory, thank you for that helpful advice. Myself and my wife are with a company which does charge £50 a month to manage our debts. The other two options you mentioned are they government run?? They definatley dont charge any monthly fees??
  6. Interesting Im just in the process of requesting a CCA for my £7000 loan taken out last year with The Halifax. After Halifax paid me back my PPI they kindly set me up a new loan agreement. Instead of just taking off PPI, very strange. I went through a company on the net. My DMP company have certainly reduced my monthly outgoings, but it seems like it may take me longer than what I was led to believe to clear all debt. Not only that but, my credit rating will surely be suffering alot longer due to this.
  7. Hi everyone. I was wandering if anyone has any helpful hints and advice regarding being with a debt management company and requesting CCA's for loans and credit cards??? Myself and my wife were drawn into a debt management plan as the company we are with verbally claimed to have us debt free with 3 years and 10 months. After now reading the small print etc, it seems as if our £13000 worth of loans and credit card debt will take alot longer to clear!! How would we go about requesting CCA's for our loan and credit cards?? Also what implications would this have with our debt managemen
  8. I have bank charges which I am claiming back through a company called Debt Release Direct. Charges from 5 different accounts. I believe I must be legally binded to going through them? Im not too sure?? Also myself and my wife have a combined debt of approx £13000 with 5-6 different creditors. We couldnt keep up all minimum payments therefore we are going through a debt management company called Debt Specialists. Any helpful hints and advice from yourself or anyone else would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott
  9. Thanks for moving my thread I hope it helps.Its not my real name, but just out of interest how do I change my name?
  10. Ive just been speaking to my cousin whom managed to get rid of £20,000 worth of debt with the Halifax . Myself and my wife have a pesonal loan of £7000 with The Halifax and two credit cards with £3000 and £1000 worth of debt . Ive managed to find a template letter requesting a signed credit agreement on this site, yet I would have absolutely no idea of how to follow it up . Could anyone please please offer some helpful advice of how to respond to whatever The Halifax send back to me????
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