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  1. I have just today received a partial copy of the credit agreement. They have sent pages 1 and 2 of 3, Not a very good copy, . Attached also a letter saying, 'if you have any further queries as to this documentation, please call'. i will try and scan a copy for you to view
  2. everything is quiet now. no phone calls or letters . thankyou
  3. thanks, i will print that off and send it tomorrow
  4. thanks for that, i shall wait now and keep you informed.
  5. well today i got a reply to my request for a copy of the credit agreement. it stated that link did not have a copy but, have requested a copy from GE CAPITAL WOODCHESTER, and that it may take 30 days to arrive. they claim to have put my account on hold, but also state that any cost incurred by them in providing the statement will be passed on to me?
  6. i mailed my second request for a copy of the credit agreement today. this time i included a £1 stamp for the fee, and sent it recorded delivery.
  7. I bought and mailed the money order already, asking for a copy of the agreement. do you think i should make another copy and put a £1 stamp in with it this time. do you think they will mail me a copy of the agreement or just carry on as if i never asked for it. LF were on the phone again tonight, i hung up on them, and then e-mailed them that i will only communicate with them on this matter by phone or e-mail. i wonder if that will do any good. . . .
  8. ps. i have just printed off a request for the original credit agreement,
  9. i have just received aletter from LF with the term 'investigation of assets' highlighted. this is to do with a car which i signed anHP for, for a lady who i was going out with at the time. she said she would make the payments but never did, and after we split up i stopped making the payments. the car was repossessed, and after a time sold and i was held liable for the balance.(for a car which was never registered in my name nd which i never even drove!). at the time of signing for the car i had no assets, and as i had only recently returned to the country was not even yet on the voting regi
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