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  1. Its been along time since posting on here as my BIL has been trying to sort out the mess he has got in to with HMRC. TLD is no where to be found and in the past was very helpful. The update is that there are certain things that have cropped up and we would like some advice on what to do please. My BIL has kept up his payments regular to the HMRC since the court order March 08, but the debt is not reducing as so much interest is being charged. He is not in a position to pay this at once other wise he would. What we would like some advice from any expert is that: My BIL had a
  2. sorry for sounding dim lamma, but really do not understand what you mean, Do I pay this fine or is it just a warning?
  3. Thanks lamma, please could you tell me what the initial charge they have omitted is please, and yes it probably would be best to pay as I really have not got the time or energy in fighting these stupid people, guess thats what they bet on in the first place that people will just give in. If I didn't have more important things to do I would have looked in to this more, but unable to right now so will pay unfortunately.
  4. Thanks for the reply, having read the ticket carefully on the back it reads that if payment is made within 14 days of the ticket then it will be reduced by 50%. So I guess if I pay within 14 days, then it will cost me £50.
  5. Thanks BTB, I will wait to see if there is anything I can do, and if not then will have no choice but to pay.
  6. Thanks lamma, I have posted the ticket up again, hopefully you will be able to read it as I have only deleted my own details http://i450.photobucket.com/albums/qq223/sophiak_bucket/Picture001-3.jpg can you make any sense of this please lamma, or advise what I should do please?
  7. Thanks lamma for your post and sorry to be dim but what should I do with that. Is there something in there that could help me please?
  8. At the top of the ticket it read CITY OF OXFORD CITY CAR PARKS EXCESS PARKING CITY OF OXFORD [off street parking places] order for the time being in force Is this of any help?
  9. Hi sb, no I have not got any of that info, I didn't think of that at the time, too busy panicking.
  10. I am really really upset that when I returned to my car yesterday to find a ticket for £100 on my car. I took my girls swimming and as usual I put £1.20 in the pay & display machine. I was in a hurry and I honestly thought that I had put in enough money for two hours, but this was not the case. If I thought I had not paid enough I never would have left my car like that. I have always used the same car, same ticket machine, so am well aware of how and how long to leave the ticket for. I am shocked that I have now got a fine for £100 to pay because I was parked over the time displa
  11. Thanks maroondevo52 but I have found a template, do you think I can use this please? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/letter-templates/138290-letter-get-charges-back.html
  12. Can anyone help me I have gone £200 over my overdraft limit. I have been charged £76 unpaid item fee and £70 for guarantee card payment fee plus more. I have transferred my benefits in to my savings account and want to know is there anything that I can do please?
  13. I have managed to sort out quite a lot of my financial mess, until recently. I have a current account with NatWest and a overdraft limit of £750. Until recently all my benefits used to go in to this account, but I was unable to control my finances so had all of my benefits transferred in to my savings account so I could keep track on what was coming in and what was going out. Now my problem is that NatWest have charged me extortionate fees and I am currently nearly £950 overdrawn. They have charged me almost £200'ish. I have been charged £76 Unpaid Item fee, Guarantee Card Payment Fe
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