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  1. i will wait a while, i am not working at the mo (start in a few weeks) so would be pretty screwed if they decided to demand full settlement, even of the arrears (two payments of 160 at least).
  2. they are on my list as well, my car loan is with them and they have clobbered me a few times when i have missed payments. the phone operators have told me that their charges have been added to the amount outstanding (their actual words were 'added at the end', suggesting no interest charges, but i very seriously doubt this). i would be interested to hear how you get on!
  3. i am having troubles with black horse as well, made worse by the fact that i bought an MG a month or two before they went bust! i have missed a number of payments in the past, but i am hoping that i can claim back for these. i am sure that i read on a website (debtline maybe) that if you offer to return to the car voluntarily you are only liable for half the remaining debt. but i suppose this would depend on which kind of debt it is, i too assumed HP. does anyone know anything further about this?
  4. i am in a very similiar situation to bluenikky, claimed for 520 quid got the same set of letters as BN, and this morning got a letter offering 260. elsewhere on this site (rules of engagement) recommends accepting this offer but advising that i will pursue the outstanding amount. is the only alternative to do as BN has done, ie threaten legal action? any thoughts from similarly placed barclays victims?
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