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  1. Mis selling of the PPI, Hope you are well FDAO long time no type. KWS WMW
  2. Under Section 172 of the Consumer Credit Act statements made under 78 are binding, I am trying to incorporate this into my letters, also the oft have stated that a creditor should state whether or not they have an enforceable agreement. I will post more about this and ask for further thoughts tommorrow. KWS, WMW
  3. My next argument for the creditors is IF they do indeed hold a fully compliant regulated agreement with my signature then why not send it? A reconstituted version is exactly that, reconstituted. I have no solid proof that I was provided with all of the relevant and legally required information at the time execution. Until such time as I do receive I cannot be expected to know whether I am lawfully required to make payments on any alleged debt.
  4. I wouldnt says its pointless but doing a CCA request doesnt prevent the creditor taking court action, a Section 78 request allows the creditor to send a reconsituted version of a CCA. Its up to the individual to challenge the enforceablity of it, although the recent rulings are where the debtor was the one who instigated proceedings. If it is the creditor who starts the court ball rolling then they need to provide a fully compliant regulated agreement to prove their case. KWS, WMW
  5. Ah yes an application notice, no I havent filled one in before, is that what I should be doing? I was sort of hoping to save on cost just put it in a letter, is that not going to work Houston. So the answer to the question is, no I dont know how to fill one out. Any tips for little old me dear boy KWS, WMW roger
  6. By the way Houston, the news, its fantastic! congratulations you!! I am extremely impressed! How cool is that, and in the 21st century aswell, amazing Mork Nanu nanu WMW
  7. The judge made an order for them to send documents and proof of service for the notice of assignment by the 30th July 2010, they have not sent what has been ordered. I am currently in the process of writing to the court to ask them to strike out and I have gone into detail as to why. I will be loading the said letter and following docs upon Baker Street for inspection. I am sure I am permitted to file further docs if needed but I am hoping I dont need to I'm back Roger KWS, WMW The witness statements stage, not there yet and the court expects the case to be heard
  8. I am going to reply to baker street Houston, I am sorry for the delay. I will go into great detail and disclose all details regarding this case so far I just need to settle my little monkey. Is that ok roger Kindest wishes WMW
  9. Well hello there old boy and thank you again bulletpoint. Right I finally got the SAR info but they only list the amount of the default charges from 2005!! I need to prove for myself mainly that the amount of default charges nearly wipes out what they are now taking me to court for hence the questions I can prove they added defaults and the dates of these but am unsure how much each one was for. Kindest wishes WMW
  10. Thank you very much for that, I recall default charges being around £30 back when I first got the account, do you know if I can get proof anywhere of what the charges were as I need to prove to the court what I am stating. Kindest wishes sent and thanks again Wish me well
  11. Hi to all. Ok, I am currently fighting Howard Cohens re a Debenhams store card and I am in the process of trying to claim back default charges applied to the account. I have had this card since 2001 and need to know what the default charges were back then. The years I hope someone can help me with are: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 I apologise if I have posted in the wrong area and I have tried to find this information out without sucess, I have done a SAR to the original creditor but they refuse to tell me what the charges were for the missing years. Any help is extreme
  12. you have a few guests, I will pm you the letter so as not to give info away to the enemy Just keep an eye out over this weekend, take care WMW
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