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  1. Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this. I could do with some advice. I instructed a company to reclaim ppi insurance from WFS. On Sept 5, I received their final offer of compensation along with their offer to reduce the monthly payment for the lifetime of the loan. I took out the initial loan in 2006 and in 2009 after a battle with them, dealt with their local office who reduced the monthly payment in line with what i can afford. I was also told at that meeting they couldn't sell me any more PPI. To cut a long story short, I contact WFS after their 10 day deadline (after recei
  2. No - I've asked them to provide all the documents relating to all the insurances I'm paying for....I'm still waiting ....they don't seem to be in any hurry.
  3. i've tried speaking with WF again - they called me on Friday harrassing me and told me that if I didn't meet my payment commitment they'd start court action against me to repossess my home. I again offered to pay what i could afford this month but was told it was too late. what I should expect next? I'm not trying to avoid paying what i borrowed I just can't pay the full amount currently - my partner has just lost his job so we're trying to survive on one wage coming in. thank you.
  4. i'll try the court manager's office tomorrow - thanks for the advice. to be honest payplan just told me i had to complete the forms and pay the money to the court....they advised that was the only option available to me
  5. thank you - payplan helped me complete the court forms once i'd received them and the judgement was for me to pay the reduced amount which i'm currently doing - it was the same as i'd been paying (the court didn't award them any more money as I'd submitted my income & expenditure). the judgement says by monthly installments and their argument is that i didn't pay for November - i did but late and they've not allocated the payment correctly at their end (howard cohen) which i think is why they're threatening to send the bailiffs in. i've got the N245 form to complete which i hope to do to
  6. hi and thanks for your reply. yes - i have all the original paperwork relating to the loan which when all added up was for £20+k and not the £15k i originally applied for. i'll read through it all again about claiming on the insurance for loss of earnings. thanks
  7. hello i've been reading the horror stories about welcome finance. i took out a loan with them 2.5 years ago for what I thought was 15k including all the insurances. in june 08 i was made redundant but was able to maintain payments via redundancy pay. i started a new job in oct 08 but on significantly less money (9k) but closer to home. i had to cancel the direct debit for my loan in november as i couldn't afford the monthly repayment. i wrote countless letters, made numerous phone calls and sent emails....i had a call from my supposed account manager 2 weeks ago saying that he hadn't seen
  8. please bear with me....this is my first time posting on a website but I really need some advice. in 2007 i started a debt management plan with payplan. a few weeks ago i received through the post a pre-bailiff visit card from cl finance relating to a laura ashley store card debt...i've been paying this since 07 .... anyway they took me to court and issued a ccj against me. I was made redundant in june 08 but managed to keep up the payments to payplan. in november last year my payment was missing and now CL finance have said i've defaulted...i paid them 2 weeks late and they accepted the pa
  9. i just had to post a reply...i'm also experiencing problems with cl finance for a laura ashley account. i had the pre-bailiff card posted to me with a deadline to pay £122 by last week in order for me to continue making reduced payments. i have a debt management plan with payplan that's been active since july 07 and i'm still having all sort of problems with creditors. GE money took me to court and i've a ccj against me. In November i was late with a payment and that's where it's all started. I've spoken to the lady today who's advised my warrant has run out and the bailiffs will be calli
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