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  1. See how twitchy they are, the buggers are worried. What people do not realise is at no time has it been easier to bring down the Central banking system as it is and stop all this brainwashing and theft from the slaves. Start learning now1
  2. Pete, I have software called Advanced call manager that answers and plays a greeting that goes like this: (in an elderly and vulnerable tone).... Hello..... Hello..... Hello..... No, sorry I cannot hear you my dear.... H, Hello..... After some 30 secs+ of Hello's and sorry can't hear you's it then says in a very different tone and more agressively.... Ah ha! did you realise you are holding a dialouge with a machine? Probably not because you have not been Human for years have you? This call is not only wasting your companies time and money but also your very limited time on this Earth, however at no time has it interuppted the nice life I am now enjoying on the proceeds of what I owe you .....Thank you A**holes. .. ha ha ha ha! ...or something to that effect, I change it frequently. It pi**es them off more that way I think as they don't get used ot how it sounds and keep thinking they have finally got the real person. Today so far let me see the phones log....5 calls, two of them immediate dial backs and I have been sitting here listening to Classic FM and enjoying life with NO DEBTS anymore! Does not matter if they catch me up anyway, anything I have now is disposable, easily get-riddable, i other peoples names and cash stashed. Why do you think the criminals in the Governments and other central no porkers Banking systems are trying so hard to get rid of cash in the Wolrd and have everyone enslaved to a bank and electronic money, all thinking they cannot lifve or exist withou such? SAY NO TO BANKS AND CARDS AND FIGHT BACK! IT IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK IF YOUR DETERMINED ENOUGH.
  3. 14 more phone calls so far today using two of these numbers in my original post :grin: They now seem to be dialling again immediately after my software blocks them, the software however answers and rejects calls so fast the phone cannot even ring, I just check the logs from time to time. Been in my pocket all day and never noticed a thing from these morons. LOVE IT!8) WISE UP FOLKS , if you are getting harassed on a mobile get a smartphone, especially if you don't want to change your number,
  4. Fight back, by force if reuqired. British a land of "obiedient slaves and sheep"
  5. Only 4! I was up to around 13 a day but now I have blacklist software on my phone it is now ZERO! You also have the satisfaction of knowing they are still ringing you and wasting time and money of theirs. The software does not disconnect them it just gives them an engaged tone then kicks so they do not know they have been blocked just that your always engaged. It was a fair bit of money I owed them but after charges upon charges and no help whatsoever even when I said I was heading for trouble I turned around and told them to shove their account and cards up their backside. I have lived without a Bank account or cards for 8 months now, struggle at times but you can do it. The biggy is getting a Job which I will do when I get back from abroad. I still say someone should take legal action against any exmployer that refuses to employ you because you will not allow someone to force you to have a bank account to work, it should CLEARLY be a breach of human rights to not be allowed to work and support yourself without being forced to have an account with a private company (bank). I am amazed one of these "so called" human rights "charities" have not looked at it, but then again they are too busy with everyone elses rights except us in the UK? It will also be interesting to see anyone on benefits refuse a bank account then when they try to force you off benefits because nobody will employ you , take the Gov to Human rights court! We got to stand up to these corporate Nazi's.
  6. I have my cellphone running blacklist software, it can reject calls on a list in milliseconds or to an answerphone built into the phone itself, the message goes: ------------------------- Hello.... Hello.... Hello... (a few more "hello's" and "i'm sorry I can't hear you's" lasting about 30 seconds or so....) then in a complete change of voice... "Do you realise you are answering an answer machine you stupid little debt collector and all the time it is costing YOU time and money, now sod off because you are never getting YOURS! ha ha ha ha ha!!! ----------------------------------- sorry but I laugh my ass off every time they call to that. HSBC RELATED NUMBERS THAT HAVE BEEN HARRASING ME TO DATE: 0800 7838422 0207 0880003 01254 844088 0161 4550064 0151 4710087 0870 1609545 01244 861600 01226 300009 0161 9519923 0161 9519924 0161 9510026 08701 609543 lol!!
  7. Here is a list of the numbers that have been calling me regards some HSBC debt. I have easily had over 400 calls now but thankfully I own a Nokia N95 and I have installed some blacklist software, this instantly rejects these numbers and I no longer get any hassle, it has brought peace back to my life at last.:grin: This is the one I use but there are other out there: Best BlackList (Symbian) - Download HSBC RELATED NUMBERS THAT HAVE BEEN HARRASING ME TO DATE: 0800 7838422 0207 0880003 01254 844088 0161 4550064 0151 4710087 0870 1609545 01244 861600 01226 300009 0161 9519923 0161 9519924 0161 9519925 (added 27/1/09) 0161 9510026 08701 609543 Sysop it would be a GREAT idea to have an area on the foums where everyone can collate all numbers from ALL such calls and seperate them by compny related to perhaps.:grin: Many people can then paste the lists into their software and BAM! good riddance debt collectors and hello peace and quiet ;-)
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