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  1. just wondered?! As I cannot see any success storys regarding Citi on the forum?! thanks all!! L
  2. Hi there, My loan with Citifinancial is as follows: (1) Total Amount paid to the borrower £2,000.00 (2) Refinancing of Existing Indebtedness £2,243.90 (3)Optional Insurance as per application £1,429.98 (4)Arrangement Fee £ 115.00 Total Amount payable + Interest £10,792.32 I have a breakdown of the Insurance premium Which is as follows: Premium:
  3. Hi Riddick, I also “Refinanced” an existing loan which I had with Citifinacial, so I think we may have a very similar case here my friend! Would you please be able to advise how I can check if the PPI Insurance was rolled over from my first loan into my new loan? Many thanks! Lloyd
  4. Hi there, I have recently sent a subject access request to Citifinancial for a copy of my signed original loan documents. I have since recieved this back and have looked at the section where I ticked the box for "I would like to take out optional PPI Insurance". I can remember the day I signed for this loan like it was yesterday, I recall the advisor telling me I would need the PPI to get accepted for the loan, and I also recall thinking to myself that the PPI was very expensive - this is the basis for which I would like to claim against, arguing that I was mis-sold the policy.
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