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  1. thanks PT.. the charge for the Panel Van i think is reasonable. How do I dispute the charge for their van? Do I ask for a Detailed Assessment via the court or shall I issue a small claims court summons? thanks again
  2. yes, the action was lawful, we had a lease, its a long story, but they were within their rights to remove. I am not disputing that. What I am taking issue with is charging me for the van they drove here in and never used.. and the waiting time, when they have already charged me for their attendance.. any help greatly appreciated! Thanks again
  3. Recently bailiffs attended our premises to carry out a removal on behalf of our landlord for rent arrears. This went smoothly, we offered no resistance, and have subsequently paid all outstanding amounts and received the goods back. Due to the nature of the amount of stock removed, the bailiffs had to request a large Panel van which came to remove the goods. This they charged us £500 for on their Distress for Rent Rules 1988 (Form 9) Removal Expense Form. They also charged us £500 for 2 Bailiffs to attend, and 3 porters, £480 for driving up in their own vehicle and £200 for extra waiting t
  4. Thanks Sean. Do you, or anyone else, know whether I can sign the stat dec stating the goods are not mine? Also, what powers do they have to force entry and seize goods?
  5. Hi I wonder if someone can help me. I have had a warrent through the door from a Bailiffs company regarding a parking ticket from a long time ago. I live in a furnished flat owned by my mother (who lives abroad) and everything in the flat is hers except for my clothes and a few items of no real value. The bailiff was very rude and said he would return and it didnt matter who's flat it was - they would remove goods as the warrent was on the address where I live. He has never been in before and I will not let him in. The car I drive is also leased (it is a different
  6. so from the the time the 21 days on the stat demand ends then 3 to 4 months? Is that because the courts are so busy? I reckon I can pay most of it off my then hopefully. So in your opinion, its not worth trying to have the SD set aside because the figures are wrong ( as I have made payments) As I have said, I have paid close to £12,000 already.. my circumstances have just changed... thanks for your feedback..
  7. yes that is true.. but if I can delay it I can get more time to collect the money to pay it all. Does anyone know the waiting times these days for a bankruptcy hearing at the courts?
  8. thanks for the response, but.. as this is HMRCE the CCA etc is not really relevent and as we know from HMRCE, they always send statements. By only hope was that as the Stat Demand was not posted first class or hand delivered but posted thru my letter box it would not be valid, or that as the amount is now different as I have made a further payment the amount on the stat demand can be disputed..
  9. my current tax affairs are up to date and have been paid on time. It would take about 4 years in my current situation to pay it off. I literally do not have assets - no car, no home etc, just my job and I pay a lot of child maintenance etc. It seems crazy they would not accept something rather than bankruptcy which means writing off the whole thing.. especially when the exchequer needs all the cash it can get! I was under the impression a stat demand had be served personally or by first class post, hence the question. If i have made payments since they drafted the stat demand, does
  10. Hi I hope someone can offer some advice. I have a debt with HMRCE of circa £11,000. I HAVE paid off a total of £12,000 as well (the debt was around £23,0000 but have since got divorced and have had trouble making the payments). I offered HMRCE a lower monthly payment amount which they refused. I told them I have no assets (which is true!) and that making me bankrupt would mean they wony get anything and that with the national deficit as it is surely something is better than nothing but they refused. The first stat demand they served on my by hand, but was wrong as the interest
  11. Hi. I wonder if anyone can help. I have a business bank account with BOS and have had it for 5 years.. never gone overdrawn and steady income stream. However Im fed up with them - the online banking is terrible as is their branch network. I want to change to another bank. BUT I have bad personal credit and am finding it hard to open anothee business account. Can anyone recommend a bank that is more lenient/flexible? I have accounts as well that show a healthy profit. THANKS
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