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  1. Yes I will do mine and give the 08/09 income. But just as I am trying to answer some of his unasnswered questions...so they probably need it to confirm the 07/08 income now as what they hold is an estimate..? If so, then he told me the amount he confirmed to them is very different to what they say they hold for that year, does this affect anything? Thanks
  2. Thanks for replying Zamzara. But why in my case they only want to use the 08/09 income to finalise the entitlement, and for him why do they need his 07/08 income also...? Also you said, the payments for 08/09 were based on 07/08 income anyway, so they would of known what 07/08 income was...so why are they asking for it again now...? Also what if the income he gives them now is different to what they hold, for some reason...they hold a different figure..? is it a big deal? thanks James
  3. Hi Just had a query. Usually when you do your tax renewal you get asked to confirm the previous years income e.g. from p60 notice. But why do they also ask for the previous 2 years income? As I have received my tax renewal, asking to confirm the 08/09 income, but a friend at work said they also wanted him to confirm the 07/08 income and I didn't really know why. Any ideas? Thanks james
  4. Thanks So if I have read this right...it would be £47.75 for rent so (£47.75 would be deducted from the current HB entitlement and £6.95 deducted from the current Council tax entitlement..?)
  5. Firstly, if its the daughter of the claimant, then this means she is a non-dependent...? It is not a couple just daughter and one claimant. Secondly is there a rough way of figuring how much they would ask her to pay for housing and council tax? The claimant currently receives a lot of help from the councl and housing benefit, but is there a way of thinking how much she would have to pay...? Even if I pm you with brief figures or some other way..? I think gross income means before tax is deducted. Thanks a lot for your help sallysas.
  6. If one person in a house gets attendance allowance, is everyone else exempt from paying rent and council tax?
  7. Hi I wanted to enquire about something. When someone is no longer a student and may start work, do they start making non-dependent deductions or what happens when you stop becoming exempt from paying rent and council tax (as the case when you were a student). Does the council contatc you immediately? Do they class your income with the parents income and combine it as if you were one of the partners... and then assess it like that, or how...? Cheers
  8. I just though it would bbe worth mentioning that on the direct gov webite it states; In terms of Carers allowance affecting HB AND CTB; If you get Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit, the local council will include an amount for the carer premium when they work out how much Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit you can get. What does this mean? Also would appreciate it if someone could answer the above . Thanks
  9. again this is Westminster..so I do not know if that changes anything. But I mean just stating the events that occured of having to assist the badge holder get into the hospital, would suffice?
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