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  1. No it wasn't KJ. I addressedmy court bundle copies to Adrian Ruffhead who submitted the defence, but not sure if he is still there but when i phoned and asked for Alex Martin (as thats who others have been successful with lately) i spoke to a lady called Rebecca Connolly and she is the one who has sorted it all out today. I am still in shock!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you Welshman. Just waiting for the letter now, then i will let the court know, and also take the survey here and make a donation. This has happened so quickly since supplying a copy of my court bundle. I would encourage anyone to chase Barclays up - even if your court date is ages away (mine was scheduled for 7th Feb!!) and they were quite prepared to settle right now!!!
  3. Tracy, Just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to chase Barclays today after sending in my court bundle. They have a letter on its way to me now - Full Settlement. This is brilliant as my court date wasnt until February, so I would encourage anyone to chase them up with a letter or phonecall, its all happened in 1 day for me
  4. Barclays just called me back - FULLY SETTLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy and excited. Letter is on its way to me now. Thank you so much to everyone on this site for making this happen. Please can a MOD change my title to WON!!!
  5. Thanks for the number M4N. I called Barclays and the lady is going to come back to me by the end of today woth an offer to settle. I did say I will only accept the full amount plus interest and court costs so hopefullY I will have some good news by the end of today!!!!!
  6. Congratulations Tracy, I've been following your thread for a while, i am so happy for you!!! Sent my court bundle off yesterday so fingers crossed I might get a phonecall soon. Does anyone have a number for this Alex Martin?
  7. OK, I have sent my court bundle to the court now and a copy to Barclays. I hope they get in touch to settle, but i worry they might not as my court date isn't until 7th February.
  8. Thank you so much Tanz - you have helped me loads with this! Your case is an inspiration and congratulations on getting your money back!!
  9. I am just about to send my court bundle off and preparing all the paperwork. Any suggestions as to what i should put in my covering letter to Barclays? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  10. Just had my court date - February 7th. Just about to start getting my court bundle together. Was thinking of writing to Barclays as well to see if they will settle out of court, but reading other posts i doubt that will make a difference!
  11. Hi genesco, This is exactly the same as the defence in my case from Barclays. From what I have read on the boards many others have received this too so don't worry. Yes, send a copy of your schedule of charges including the 8% interest with your AQ. Good luck!!
  12. Thanks Victimnomore! I have filled in the AQ, made copies for my records and sent the form back along with the £100 fee and a copy of my schedule of charges. Just have to dit back and wait for Barclays to do theirs now and then wait for the court date. No doubt Barclays will wait until the very last minute again!
  13. I have now received the AQ and about to start filling it in. Should i send a copy of the AQ to Barclays? I also had Adrian Ruffhead defend my claim!!
  14. Congratulations Mervalous!! You give us all hope!! Barclays have just defended my claim so i have this all to come!
  15. Great! I have just checked MCOL and it appears that Barclays have now filed a defence - dont know how they got it in after I filed the judgement but they have. I have ready about this happening to others too. Do I just wait for the AQ and a court now?
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