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  1. hi guys i think you might have got wrong information. one of my friend did make the application with them last weekand he was unsucessfull he was charged £49.99 and he speaking to so many people in there finally he got throught to senior manager or someit he litterly got the refund on the 5 day and was advised 14 days. the person you need to speak to is Sam Higginson best thing is you can email him at sam@thelendinggroup.co.uk or admin@thelendinggroup.co.uk and Att : Sam Higginson and I hope he will be helpfull to you guys Good Luck!
  2. I am happy with their service they charged me but finally got me a loan for 5000 pounds .. i have been finding the loan formonths finally The Lending Group helped me... God bless them!
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