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  1. Just wanted to say thank you all for taking the time to make your contributions. They're much appreciated.
  2. i could call it a claim for damages following an alleged breach of contract, but it's slightly long-winded. thanks for your input.
  3. because it's asking for trouble and ends up in parking fines, and potentially inconveniences people who have legitimately obtaind the right to use such a space. if things are that bad you go to the GP and get a badge.
  4. Crem Thanks for your response, you've pretty much confirmed what I thought. I absolutely agree that she shouldn't have parked there without the blue badge in the 1st place, and have told her this in no uncertain terms.
  5. Hi all I've had a look at the posts regarding Euro Car Parks and have come to the conclusion that the best tactic in this current dispute is to ignore any pending correspondence from them, however the facts of this dispute slightly differ to previous posts so I thought that I would gauge available opinion (if anyone is kind enough to offer one): My old dear used an empty euro car park yesterday and parked in a disabled bay because she gets really bad pains in her legs and can't walk too far. Now she does actually get these pains, but hasn't had a chance to apply for a disabled badge
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