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  1. Hi there, very new to this site so please bear with me. I have a Lloydstsb loan which I took out in July 05, sold as a "fully protected loan" even though I pointed out that I had very generous benefits through my employer together with copious amounts of personal insurances. Despite all this, I was recommended to take out their PPI. Only from recent media coverage can I see what a rip off this is. I have been with lloyds for many years and have many accounts with them, current, saving, isa, credit cards and this loan. Can you let me know their generous consensus is re ppi when custom
  2. many thanks for your help, I will get in touch with them during the week and take it from there. C
  3. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can assist me. I took out an unsecured loan with Northern Rock in 2006 and am now beginning to see just what a rip off the ppi cover is, alternate cover is so much cheaper. I contacted them last week to be told that I would need to refinance the loan with them. I understood that this was a stand alone plan, so why the need for another full loan application? What happens if you now fail their credit checks and what about the apr which was reasonable at the same but may well be extortionate now? Not quite sure how to proceed, any assitance would be app
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